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3 Indian SMEs Among UN’s Winners of the Best Small Business of ‘Good Food for All’

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3 Indian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises(SMEs) have won the United Nations (UN) Food Systems Summit competition ‘Best Small Business: Good Food for All’, which aims to showcase innovative solutions in improving access to healthy and sustainable food.

  • The 3 Indian SMEs: Edible Routes Private Limited, Oorja Development Solutions India and Taru Naturals were among the 50 SMEs which were announced as the winners of the Best Small Businesses of the Good Food for All competition held in conjunction with the UN Food Systems Summit.

UN Food Systems Summit:

UN Secretary-General António Guterres convened the Food Systems Summit 2021 as part of the Decade of Action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.


i.50 winners were from across 42 countries from Europe & Central Asia (10); Africa & Middle East (13); East Asia & Pacific (10); South Asia (8); and North and Latin America (9) were announced as the Best Small Businesses of the Good Food for All competition.

ii.Each winner will share 100,000 USD in cash prizes.

iii.Half of the winners were youths and around half were women.

Selection process:

The winners were selected based on

  • Their contribution to healthier, sustainable and equitable food for the community they serve.
  • The strength of their vision for future
  • How they communicate the current and future impacts of their business.

Indian Winners:

Edible Routes Private Limited

Edible Routes Private Limited, founded by Kapil Mandawewala, won under the Action Track 2: Shift to sustainable consumption patterns, South Asia.

Oorja Development Solutions India 

Oorja Development Solutions India, founded and led by Amit Saraogi and Dr Clementine Chambon won under the Action Track 4: Advance equitable livelihoods, South Asia.

Taru Naturals

Taru Naturals, founded by Ruchi Jain, won under the Action Track 3: Boost nature-positive production, South Asia.

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About United Nations(UN):

Secretary-General- António Guterres
Headquarters- New York, United States