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Stad Ship Tunnel-World’s 1st Ship Tunnel to be constructed at Norway

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World's first ship tunnel to be built under Norwegian mountains

The World’s 1st Ship Tunnel, ‘Stad Ship Tunnel’ is to be constructed in Norway. The tunnel will run underneath the mountains in Norway’s Stadhavet peninsula and will help ships to cross the Stadhavet sea.

  • It will be constructed by Norwegian Coastal Administration.
  • The works on the bridge will commence in 2022 and are expected to get completed by 2025-26.
  • The tunnel project is part of the Norwegian government’s National Transport Plan for the period 2014-2023, which aims to identify projects to transfer 25% of all goods transported by road to sea and rail modes.

Specification of Tunnel:

i.It measures 1, 700 metres long, 37 metres high & 26.5 metres wide.

ii.Capacity of Tunnel:It is capable of holding ships of up to 16,000 tonnes (16,000 long tons; 18,000 short tons).

iii.Fund Allocation: The Estimated cost for building the ship tunnel is 2.8 billion Norwegian kroner (~ USD 330 million).

iv.The Tunnel will connect the Kjødepollen bay and Vanylvsfjorden.

Reason for the Tunnel:

i.At present, ships have to wait for days for harsh weather conditions & rough tides to improve in the Stadhavet Sea before transiting the area.

ii.The tunnel will be large enough to accommodate large ships also. It is expected to strengthen the area’s industrial and commercial activities.

About Stad or Stadlandet peninsula:

i.It lies in Stad Municipality in north western part of Nordfjord district in Norway as dividing point between Norwegian Sea and the North Sea.

ii.It is a 500-metre-high mountain plateau comprising of a 645-metre-tall Tarvaldsegga peak. It plunges into sea in a 497-metre-tall cliff at Kjerringa.

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About Norway:

Prime Minister – Erna Solberg
Capital – Oslo
Currency – Norwegian Krone (NOK)