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World Television Day 2023 – November 21

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world television dayUnited Nations (UN)’s World Television Day is annually observed across the globe on November 21 to recognise the importance and influence of television in our lives.

The day recognises television as a symbol for communication and globalisation in the contemporary world.

  • 21st November 2023 marks the observance of 27th World Television Day.

The theme for World Television Day 2023 is “Accessibility”

  • The theme emphasize the importance of making television inclusive and accessible to all, regardless of ability or circumstance.


i.On 17th December 1996, UN General Assembly (UNGA) adopted the resolution A/RES/51/205 and proclaimed November 21 of every year as World Television Day.

ii.The first ever world television day was observed on 21st November 1997.

Why November 21?

21st November was chosen to commemorate the date on which the 1st World Television Forum was held in 1996.

  • 1st World Television Forum was held on 21st &  22nd November 1996 at the United Nations(UN) headquarters in New York, The United States of America(USA), to discuss the growing significance of television.


i.The term “television” was coined by a Russian scientist, Constantin Perskyi, in 1900.

ii.TV was invented by a Scottish engineer, John Logie (JL) Baird, in 1924. 

iii.However the first electronic television was demonstrated by Philo Farnsworth in 1927.

Television in India:

i.India, with the assistance of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), began experimental television broadcasts on 15th September 1959 in New Delhi, Delhi.

  • In 1959, television broadcasting was under All India Radio (AIR), and later the television service was separated from the AIR as Doordarshan on 1 April 1976.
  • Doordarshan is a Public broadcast terrestrial television channel run by Prasar Bharati, a board formed by the Government of India (GoI).

ii.India’s first colour program broadcast was the live telecasts of the 36th Independence Day parade held on August 15, 1982.

About the United Nations (UN):
Secretary-General – Antonio Guterres
Headquarters – New York, United States of America (USA) 
Establishment – 1945