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World Suicide Prevention Day 2022 – September 10 

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World Suicide Prevention Day 2022-September 10 new

World Suicide Prevention Day(WSPD) is annually observed across the globe on 10th September to focus attention on the issue of suicide and reduce the stigma around it.

The day also aims to raise awareness among the general public, organisations and government and promote the message that suicide can be prevented.

The theme of WSPD 2022 is “Creating hope through action”.

  • “Creating hope through action” is the triennial theme for World Suicide Prevention Day from 2021 – 2023. 
  • This acts as a reminder that there is an alternative to suicide and aims to inspire confidence and hope in all.


i.International Association for Suicide Prevention(IASP) in conjunction with the World Health Organization (WHO) established World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) in 2003.

ii.The first ever  World Suicide Prevention Day was launched in Stockholm, Sweden on 10 September 2003.

WSPD Ribbon:

i.The two-toned “orange and yellow” ribbon is recognised as the universal suicide prevention awareness ribbon. It was launched by IASP in 2016.

ii.The ribbon is indicative of the light of a candle flame which relates to the Light a candle campaign of the WSPD.

Suicide Prevention:

i.Every year more than 7 lakh people die by suicide and 20 times more people attempt suicide.

ii.The global mortality rate (due to suicide) is at 16 per 100000 or one death every 40 seconds and 1 attempt every 3 seconds.

Suicide is the 4th leading cause of death among 15-29-year-olds.

iii.77% of global suicides occur in low- and middle-income countries and 20% of global suicides are due to pesticide self-poisoning

WHO’s Efforts:

LIVE LIFE approach of WHO has recommended 4 key interventions which have proven to be effective in preventing suicide.

  • limit access to the means of suicide
  • interact with the media for responsible reporting of suicide.
  • foster socio-emotional life skills in adolescents
  • early identify, assess, manage and follow up with anyone who is affected by suicidal behaviours

NCRB’s report: 

i.National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) released the report on accidental deaths and suicides (2021) which stated that 1,64,033 died due to various reasons in 2021. This includes 450 recorded deaths by suicide every single day of the year.

ii.The report underlines a record high in suicide-related deaths in India in 2021

iii.Around 1.64 lakh suicides were reported in 2021, which is a 7.2% increase from 2020. 1.53 lakhs such cases were reported in 2020.

iv.It is noted that 4 major cities – Delhi (2,760), Chennai (2,699), Bengaluru (2,292), and Mumbai (1,436), accounted for nearly 35.5% of all suicides reported from 53 megacities.