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World Sanskrit Day 2021 – August 22

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World Sanskrit Day, also known as Vishva-Samskrita-dinam and Sanskrit Diwas, is annually observed on ‘Sawan Poornima’ to create awareness, promote and revive Sanskrit, one of the ancient Indian languages.

World Sanskrit day 2021 falls on 22nd August 2021. 


i.In 1969, The government of India declared to celebrate World Sanskrit day on Sawan Poornima, which also marks the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

ii.The Ministry of Education has issued instructions to celebrate Sanskrit Day at the Central and State levels.

iii.World Sanskrit day was first observed in 1969.

World Sanskrit Week 2021 – 19th to 25th August:

i.World Sanskrit week is annually observed across the globe to promote and celebrate one of the ancient Indian languages ‘Sanskrit’. The week on which Sanskrit day falls is celebrated as Sanskrit week.

ii.The Sanskrit Week 2021 is celebrated from 19th August to 25th August 2021. 

About Sanskrit:

i.Sanskrit language, one of the Indo-European(Indo-Aryan) Group of languages, has been designated as a classical language which is recognised for its scientific composition and high demand across the globe.

ii.The term Sanskrit is derived from ‘Sam’ – ‘Samyak’ which indicates ‘entirely’ and ‘Krit’ which indicates ‘done.’

iii.Sanskrit is also known as Dev Vani, God’s Language, which traces back to the 2nd millennium BCE.

iv.Sanskrit was declared as the 2nd official language of Uttarakhand.