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World Car-Free Day 2023 – September 22

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World Car-Free Day - September 22 2023World Car-Free Day is annually observed the cities across the globe on 22nd September to encourage motorists to give up their cars for a day. The day also highlights the benefits of being car-free such as reduced air pollution and the promotion of walking and cycling in a safer environment.

History of World Car Free Day

i.The idea for World Car Free Day came after the petroleum crisis of 1973, when people started to look for ways to reduce their dependence on cars.

ii.The first national car-free day campaign was inaugurated in Britain by the Environmental Transport Association in 1997.

iii.In 1999, An international carfree day was organised in Europe as a pilot project for the European Union’s “In Town Without My Car” campaign.  This campaign continues as Annual European Mobility Week from 16th to 22nd September.

iv.In 2000, Car Busters (the precursor to World Carfree Network) called for a “World Carfree Day,” to coincide with Europe’s carfree day on September 22.

Why World Car Free Day?

i.Cars are a major source of air pollution and greenhouse gas(GHG) emissions, which contribute to climate change.

  • It produces a large amount of harmful GHGs like carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrous oxide (N2O), and methane (CH4), which are responsible for climate change.

ii.Cars also cause traffic congestion(as it occupies more space in the road) and noise pollution.

iii.In addition, cars consume a large amount of petrol or diesel.

Additional Info:

Every year from 16 to 22 September, European towns showcase their commitment to clean and sustainable urban transport during Mobility week.

Observance in India:

As a part of the observance of World Car-Free Day 2023, the Indore bench of the Madhya Pradesh (MP) High Court has asked all its staff to use alternative modes of transport instead of cars with respect to the occasion of World Car-Free Day.

WB Governor CV Ananda Bose Unveils Logo of  ‘Kala Kranti Mission’ & Flags Off a Cycle March 

On the occasion of World Car Free Day 2023, the Governor of West Bengal (WB) CV Ananda Bose unveiled the logo of ‘Kala Kranti Mission’ and flagged off a cycle march from Raj Bhawan in Kolkata, West Bengal.

About Kala Kranti Mission:

i.It is a unique initiative to appreciate and celebrate the rich diversity of West Bengal’s cultural traditions and arts & crafts.

  • The mission will be formally inaugurated on the eve of Durga Puja.

ii.As a part of the Kala Kranti mission, 108 awards, termed as ‘Durga Bharat Samaan’, will be released on the eve of Durga puja.

Note: Durga Puja 2023 will be observed from 20th to 24th October 2023.

About Cycle March:

i.The mission of  Kala Kranti will be spread across WB  by the Cycle March.

ii.The idea of a clean world and protection of the environment will be insisted by the cyclist.

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About West Bengal:
Chief Minister – Mamata Banerjee
Governor – C. V. Ananda Bose
Wildlife Sanctuary – Bethuadahari Wildlife Sanctuary, Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary
Tiger Reserve – Buxa Tiger Reserve, Sundarban Tiger Reserve