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World Biofuel Day 2022 -10th August 2022 

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World Bio-Fuel Day - August 10 2022

World Biofuel Day is annually observed on 10th August to highlight the importance and significance of non-fossil-fuels or biofuels, the environment-friendly, sustainable, biodegradable and renewable fuels which is produced from animal waste, algae and industrial & Agricultural waste.

  • The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas(MoPNG) initiated the observance of World Biofuel Day in India in 2015.
  • The theme of World Biofuel Day 2022 is “Biofuels towards a Carbon Neutral World”

Why August 10?

10th August was chosen as World biofuel Day to mark the day on which German inventor and mechanical engineer Sir Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel for the first time successfully ran the Diesel engine with peanut oil in 1893.

  • This led to the discovery of safer renewable and sustainable alternatives for fossil fuels.

Types of Biofuels:

The three most common types of biofuels are bioethanol, biodiesel, and biogas.

  • Bioethanol: It is a liquid biofuel that is currently produced by fermentation of either sugar and starch-heavy crops and surplus agricultural waste and biomass depending on their availability
  • Biodiesel: It is a form of diesel fuel derived from plants or animals and consists of long-chain fatty acid esters.
  • Biogas: It is methane produced by the process of anaerobic digestion of organic material by anaerobes. It can be produced from biodegradable waste materials or by the use of energy crops fed into anaerobic digesters to supplement gas yields.

Additional info: 

i.In May 2022, the government of India amended the National Policy on Biofuels 2018 and the target of 20% ethanol petrol blending has advanced by 5 years to 2025-2026 from 2030.

ii.The benefits of Biofuels include, the reduction of import dependency on crude oil, support cleaner environment, providing additional income to farmers and employment generation in rural areas.

iii.The biofuels programmes are in line with the Government of India initiatives for Make in India, Swachh Bharat and enhancing farmers’ income.

PM Modi Dedicated 2G Ethanol Plant in Panipat, Haryana 

On the occasion of World Biofuel Day 2022(10th August 2022), Prime Minister(PM) Narendra Modi, dedicated the 2nd generation (2G) Ethanol Plant in Panipat Refinery, Panipat, Haryana to the nation.

  • This is a part of the series of initiatives taken by the government of India to boost the production and usage of biofuels in India.
  • This is also a part of the efforts of PM Modi to transform the energy sector into being more affordable, accessible, efficient and sustainable.

About the 2G Ethanol Plant:

The 2G Ethanol Plant has been built by Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL) at an estimated cost of around Rs 900 crore. 


i.The project based on state-of-the-art indigenous technology will contribute to India’s waste-to-wealth efforts by utilising about 2 lakh tonnes of rice straw (parali) annually to generate around 3 crore litres of Ethanol annually.

ii.This project which creates an end-use for the agri-crop residue would empower farmers and provide an additional income generation opportunity for them.


This will also provide direct employment to people involved in plant operation and indirect employment through the supply chain for rice straw cutting, handling, storage, etc.

Environmental benefits:

i.This 2G Ethanol Plant will have zero liquid discharge.

ii.This will also contribute to the reduction of Greenhouse Gases(GHGs) equivalent to about 3 lakh tonnes of Carbon Dioxide(CO2) equivalent emissions per annum through the reduction in the burning of rice straw (parali).

About Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas(MoPNG)

Union Minister- Hardeep Singh Puri(Rajya Sabha- Uttar Pradesh)
Minister of State– Rameswar Teli(Constituency- Dibrugarh, Assam)