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UBI PO Interview Experience shared by Manpreet

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Hi friends! Our reader Manpreet (disqus id – @sh) shared interview experience that he had during UBI PO Interview. You can learn from his experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days.


IBPS PO V Interview Experience

Venue – Delhi
Date – 22/08/16
Time – 9:30 AM

There were 22 candidates in my slot 11 was present; I reached venue 8:30; There are 5 person 1 Female and 4 male

1) You are from Punjab, tell me about your family background?
me – Told father occupation and all abt my famly

2) Wagah border is there in Punjab, why is it famous?
my response-sir that is India-Pakistan border. Ceremony takes place there and tourists visits.

3) Tell me your hobbies?
my response- told net surfing and roaming with friends (no cross question)

4) How many medals did India won in Rio olympics and who won those medals?
Pv sindhu Badminton for Silver and Sakshi malika For wrestling 58 kg.

5) To which place they belong?
answer- I knew abt Sakshi malik, but not PV Sindhu.

6) Who remained at first 3 positions in olympics?
answer- I knew only about 1st position- USA, they asked y dont you know 2nd and 3rd places. I told might be China (all started laughing). I was wrong.

7) In haryana, people protested some time ago. why?
answer- told about jat andolan

8) many people are coming to banking sector from IT, they receive good salary too, then y are they coming?
Each person has its own interest. My one friend is working in IT sector because he has interest in it. They they asked that the interests get created. I had no answer (who will tell them that there is so much unemployment that each one has to go some field be it be any)

9) If we double click on computer, then how its working takes place?
answer- explained briefly.

10)Abt Urjit patel and how monetary policy control Economy
answer- Told Abt urjit patel. And explained tools of monetary policy ; and how inflation and deflation can be controlled.

11) If supply is same and public has more money, then what will be inflation rate?
answer- Told that they will spend more and then prive will increase, they were satisfied.

12) Full name of Ambedkar ji and Modi ji?
answer- Told the name of Ambedkar, but couldnt remember PMs name.

Overall Interview was good.lets see  what happen. :)

THANK YOU Manpreet for sharing your Interview Experience with us.

All the Best  :)