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Transaction using Voice recognition : A new feat for ICICI bank

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ICICI bank has launched a voice recognition service, which authenticates customers based on their speech pattern and allows bank transactions through banks call centre. This will cover over 33 million savings bank and debit&credit card holders.

This is a first-of-its-kind service, and with this customers are no longer required to enter their card numbers, PIN and answer security questions to authenticate. Because with technology at place, the voice will act as their password.

ICICI bank was also the first bank in India to launch contact less debit and credit cards, and come up with Pockets- app based digital banking.

Voice Recognition Technology :

The VRT uses voice prints, which consists of more than 100 characteristics of a person’s speech like – modulation, speed, accent, pronunciation which are impossible to copy and are unique to an individual. The bank will store every account holder’s voice print and match it whenever he calls from a registered number, enhancing security.