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Tips and Tricks for Cloze Test

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Hello Aspirants, In all of your exams approx, 10 questions come from the topicCloze test in English here we are providing you some tips & tricks to easily approach Cloze test.

Cloze Test is one of the Important part in English Section in Banking, SSC & many other competitive Exams. in this exercise where the candidates are provided with a passage which has certain words missing from it.It follows logically that to ace such an assessment, candidates must have a strong command over English language, along with a flair for grammar and a good vocabulary. More importantly, it is important to understand the flow and context of the passage. There are many ways to solve a cloze test of any comprehensive paragraph. Here We are sharing some tips & Tricks which will help you to get good score in your exams.
1. Read Complete Passage – First of all go through the complete passage and get a rough idea about the content and the spirit of the passage.You can then go on to think of the appropriate words that suit the situation being described and proceed to filling in the blanks.

2. Link the Sentences – In a passage mostly all the sentence are logically related to each other. These logics will give you an idea about the appropriate word for the blank space.

3. Eliminations unnecessary words from provided options – Sometimes you will easily spot the correct answer, if you get the answer immediately mark it. If not then eliminate the improbable options one by one and get the right answer.

4. Go with Frequently Used Words– Sometimes, you may not be able to decide between two words. In this case, if you see a word in the options that is frequently used with the words around the blank, then pick that option.

5. Practice Practice Practice – Check out your cloze test with answers and note down your marks with date. Do the practice of at least 3-4 cloze test every day and check your Score & progress. Practice can only the thing by which any problem can be tackle. so keep practice regularly.

Happy Learning :)