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Thane engineer develops world’s first ‘Internet-controlled’ robot ‘Coro-bot’ for COVID-19 hospitals

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world's first 'Internet-controlled' robot 'Coro-bot'On June 7, 2020 A 23-year old Thane engineer, Pratik Tirodkar,  founder of a start-up PNT Solutions, Dombivali developed the world’s 1st ‘Internet-controlled’ robot named  ‘Coro-bot’ to address the needs of the hospitals treating COVID-19 patients. It is deployed for the 1st time in Holy Cross Hospital, Kalyan, Maharashtra.

  • The company has created a special  application to operate Coro-bot from any location in the world using Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the 1st time in the world that this technique is being deployed in the medical field.

Gist about ‘Coro-bot’


  • The robot delivers food, water and medicines to Corona patients in the hospitals without needing the physical presence of nurses and other care-givers. 
  • By using a camera it can interact with patients & also can caution them by audio reminders to sanitise their hands before they pick up things from trays.


Trays– Coro-bot has 3 trays with a carrying capacity of 10-15 kg each & a 30-kg storage at the bottom to help serve the supplies to over a dozen patients at a time in the COVID-19 ward

Dispensers & sensors for  sanitizers- There are separate dispensers for water, tea, coffee, in addition to sensors for sanitizers which will flow out when the patient holds his hand underneath it & the supply will stop when the  hand is removed, hence there will be minimum wastage.

LED lights & others– It has Light Emitting Diode(LED) lights illumination that are comfortable for night use, timers for indicating lunch-dinner, emergency button, a small Personal Computer(PC) like screen above for basic computer work or entertainment.

Nozzles- Has 3 nozzles at its back to give itself disinfectant bath regularly & will continuously spray sanitisers on both sides of the path &  disinfects the ground it moves on by using Ultraviolet(UV)  lights

iii.Cost– It costs between Rs 1.60-Rs.3.80 lakhs, depending on various specifications like the load-carrying capacity among others and the Ornithopter is around Rs 30,000. 

Few hi-tech creations of Pratik Tirodkar

World’s 1st ‘Humanoid’ with 47 body (axis) movements, a robotic bird Ornithopter for varied outdoor applications, a mini-packaging robot.

Static: Thane is a city situated in Maharashtra

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