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Scientists developed Bionic leaf that turns sunlight into liquid fuel

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Harvard University Scientist developed the bionic Leaf to create Liquid Fuels using Sunlight

Scientist: Professor DanileNocera, Harvard University

Research: Developed a “BIONIC LEAF”bionic-leaf

  • Uses the Sunlight to split water molecules
  • Hydrogen eating bacteria to produce liquid fuels

Points by Scientist:                      

  1. The experiment is an artificial photosynthesis System
  2. Bionic leaf 2.0 will be the second iteration of their design to improve the efficiency
  3. He would wish to bring the technology to the developing world

Uses of Hydrogen Fuel Cells:

It will be useful to provide power from Cars to Mobile Phones

  • Alternative to fossil
  • Electric cars could use these cells to power the engine

Future Plan:

To create a larger-scale version of the “bionic leaf” and way to operate it at industrial levels.