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SBI Clerk 2018: How to Crack Analytical Reasoning?

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SBI Clerk Admit Card is out. Time to gear up for the exam preparation. Here’s a post on how to crack analytical reasoning, one of the difficult yet scoring sections. This post is brought to you by Oliveboard, an online exam preparation platform for banking, government and MBA exams.

In SBI exams, the general trend noticed is that ~50-60% of the reasoning questions are from analytical reasoning. This makes it crystal clear that having a strong grasp of analytical reasoning is essential for acing the SBI exams.

SBI-Clerk-2018-How-to-score-better-in-Reasoning-AbilityNow that we understand just how valuable these questions are for scoring well in SBI 2018 exams, let us move on to see how we can master SBI analytical reasoning questions. 

How the Master SBI Analytical Reasoning Questions?

Watch the following concept video, to understand the best approach for solving such questions with the help of a solved example. Once you’re thorough in the basics, move on to taking tests to bolster understanding for each topic. Read along for a 5-step process to ace any topic!

SBI Clerk 2018: Reasoning Section – Few Things to Remember

  1. There is no set rule to score high marks in reasoning; only continuous practice can help you ace the tests.
  2. Unlike Quantitative Aptitude where you must memorize formulas or English Language where you must be thorough with the grammar and vocabulary,reasoning section simply tests the way you think. To think exactly the way the paper-setter does, one must be familiar with all the various kinds of questions that appear in the section.
  3. There is nothing to memorize in this section; thekey to scoring high in reasoning is by building the logic up to the point where the questions can be easily attempted without much thinking. Not to mention, regular practice of diverse question types is the only way to get there.

All the best!