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SBI Associate Clerk Online Exam 2

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Title:  SBI Associate Clerk Exam 2
Category: Online Exam
Exam Time: 30 minutes
Exam Date: Feb 13 – 10AM to 12PM
No Of Question: 80 [General Awareness: 40,Computer Awareness: 20,Marketing Aptitude: 20]

Status:  Exam Over
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AffairsCloud Team Congrats the Winners

First Place
Name Manjeet Singh
Marks 79
Time 15.19 Mins
Category Marks Time
General Awareness 40 7.32 Mins
Computer Awareness 20 3.12 Mins
Marketing Aptitude 19 4.35 Mins
Second Place
Marks 78
Time 8.43 Mins
Category Marks Time
General Awareness 40 3.29 Mins
Computer Awareness 19 2.06 Mins
Marketing Aptitude 19 3.08 Mins
Third Place
Name Reddy
Marks 78
Time 12.16 Mins
Category Marks Time
General Awareness 40 3.49 Mins
Computer Awareness 20 2.16 Mins
Marketing Aptitude 18 6.11 Mins


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