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Sakhi, One stop crisis centre(OSCC) for women in distress

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The First time ever in Haryana,a scheme called ‘Sakhi’, was inaugurated to help the women, who are suffering from sexual, mental  and emotional harassments(Including eve-teasing, domestic violence and rape).

Sakhi, One stop crisis centre(OSCC) for women in distress

  • Haryana’s Women and Child Development Minister Kavitha Jain inaugurated the scheme Sakhi, One Stop Crisis Center (OSCC), today at Karnal district in Haryana.
  • The scheme is launched under the Union Government .
  • The Objective of this scheme is to provide necessary help to women victims and others, who are suffering from any kind of harassment.
  • On August 28th, women police stations have been also opened in all the 21 districts of Haryana.
  • Haryana is the second such state to have women police stations, while Chadigarh secured the first place.The aim of women police stations is to provide security for women.

Sakhi means “friend or companion” in some of the Indian languages.