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S Nihal Singh To Get 2016 Raja Ram Mohan Roy Award

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Veteran journalist S Nihal Singh has been awarded with ‘Raja Ram Mohan Roy Award’ for his outstanding contribution to journalism which is presented by the Press Council of India.

About the Raja Ram Mohan Roy :

Raja Ram Mohan Roy was the founder of the Brahmo Sabha  movement in 1828, which engendered the Brahmo Samaj, an influential socio-religious reform movement.

  • His influence was apparent in the fields of politicspublic administration and  education as well as religion. He was known for his efforts to establish the abolishment of the practice of sati, the Hindu funeral practice in which the widow was compelled to sacrifice herself in her husband’s funeral pyre in some parts of Bengal.
  • What is not so well known is that Roy protested against the East India Company’s decision to support vernacular education and insisted that English replace Sanskrit and Persian in India.Raja Ram Mohan Roy Award
  • It was he who first introduced the word “Hinduism” into the English language in 1816. For his diverse activities and contributions to society, Raja Ram Mohan Roy is regarded as one of the most important and contentious figures in the Bengali renaissance.
  • His efforts to protect Hinduism and Indian rights and his closeness with the British government earned him the title “The Father of the Indian Renaissance”. The British government has named a street in memory of Ram Mohan Roy as “Raja Ram Mohan Roy”.

About National Journalism Awards 2016 :

The award will be presented on November 16 to Nihal Singh and carries a cash component of Rs 1 lakh.

  • Singh has been nominated for the award for his outstanding contribution towards journalism.
  • The other winners of the National Journalism Awards 2016, as per which Renjith Jonh of Deepika Daily has been chosen for his work for the award on Rural journalism and Developmental reporting.
  • In the same category a special mention certificate will be jointly given to freelancer Arvind Kumar Singh and X Xavier Selvakumar of Dinamilar, Coimbatore, the statement added.
  • T P Dhanesh (Malayala Manorama) and Pritam Bandopadhyay (The Asian Age) were chosen in the Single news picture category while Vijay Verma of PTI was selected for a special mention certificate.
  • Renuka Puri of The Indian Express was chosen for the award in the category ‘Photo feature’ which carries a cash component of Rs 50,000. Baiju Poulose of Malayala Manorama was chosen the winner in the Best newspaper art category, while Rohit Jose also of Malayala Manorama was chosen for the special mention.