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RBI Launched 2 Quarterly Surveys on Manufacturing, Service Sector: IOS, SIOS

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RBI Launches Surveys to Assess Performance of Manufacturing SectorOn July 20, 2021, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) launched the 95th round of the Quarterly ‘Industrial Outlook Survey’ (IOS), which assesses the performance of the Indian manufacturing sector. The reference period for the survey is Q2 FY22 (July-September 2021).

  • Under IOS, RBI will assess the manufacturing sector business performance for Q2 FY22 and also the growth expectations in Q3 FY222.

-RBI Launched the 30th Round of Quarterly SIOS

RBI launched the 30th round of the quarterly ‘Services and Infrastructure Outlook Survey’ (SIOS) for the reference period of Q2 FY22.

  • Under SIOS, RBI will assess the business situation of selected companies in the services and infrastructure sectors in India, based on responses under demand conditions, financial conditions, employment conditions and the price situation.

Note – RBI has authorised M/s Genesis Management & Market Research Pvt. Ltd. to conduct the IOS and SIOS on behalf of RBI for Q2 FY22.

-RBI’s Report on Private Corporate Sector Performance in Q4 FY21

RBI also released data on the performance of the private corporate sector in Q4 FY21 (January-March 2021). The data was based on the quarterly financial results of 2,608 listed non-government non-financial (NGNF) companies.

Highlights of the report:



Performance in Q4 FY21
Listed Private manufacturing companiesInformation Technology (IT)  Sector CompaniesNon-IT Sector


Increased by 31% (Y-o-Y) from 7.4% in Q3 FY21.Increased by 6.4% (Y-o-Y)Marginal growth


Expenditure on raw materials Increased; Staff growth also increased

Operating profit

Increased (Y-o-Y) due to rise in sales than expenditureIncreased
Interest Coverage Ratio (ICR)Increased to 7.3% from 6.6% in Q3 FY21Remained below 1

Note – ICR is a measure of the debt servicing capacity of a company. The minimum value for a viable ICR is 1.

Recent Related News:

In June 2021, the RBI launched the FY21 round of its annual Survey on ‘Computer Software and Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) Exports’.

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