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Question Asked In 8 August (2nd shift) RBI assistant Exam 2015

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Dear Aspirants!! We have retrieved some of the Questions from candidates who have attended RBI Assistant Exam (Evening Shifts) on August 8, 2015.

RBI assistant evening session 

1.AIIB’s sing founder members–50
2.Kumbh mela on which banks river- Godavari
3.UNSC related to-Security and peace
4.Who is the India born COO of Japan’ soft bank- Nikesh arora
5.Uniki book written by- Shri Ch Vidyasagar Rao, Governor of Maharashtra
6.Roger federer and Andey murray related to which sport- tennis
7.Upto which denomination RBI can mint the coins, as per the coinage act- 1000
8.krisnapatatnam port- andhra pradesh,nellore
9.v ramakhrisna-telugu playback singer
10.Mundra Thermal Power Station or Mundra Thermal Power Project is located in the which Indian state? – Gujarat
11.Nelson mandela day- 18 July
12.Mundra power plant: Mudra in Kutch district
13.Book related to jhumpa lahiri-The Lowland
14.Uzbekistan capital- Tashkent
15.Soft bank CEO -N arora
16.Max no of tiger present in which state – Karnataka
17.Currency of Bangladesh – Taka
18.As per 2011 coinage act RBI can produce how much amount coin ?-1000rs.
19.womens football world cup won by – USA
20.Atal pension yojana minimum age limit – 18
21.Deepak Mohanthy related to which committee – Financial inclusion
22.India’s contribution in bricks bank ?- $18 billion
23.Who chair Kolkata based Bandhan Bank? – Ashok Lahiri
24.The Potala Palace is located in which country? – China

Computer Questions

1)Expansion of EPROM?
2)Expand SMTP?
3)In a network computer requests infomation from? Ans.Server
4)ctrl y command in ms word – ans. Redo
5)Expand Cdma?Ans.Code division multiple access
6)Hexa decimal no. base? Ans. 16
7)shortcut key to open favorite box in internet explorer?
8)ROM is what kind of memory? Ans. Nonvolatile memory
9)Process of loading part of operating system to memory is called? Booting
10)In ms word short cut key to go to last page?