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Quantitative Aptitude Questions for IBPS/RRB Exam Set- 5

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Quantitative Aptitude section in Here we are creating question sample From all topics ,  which are Important for upcoming IBPS and RRB exams. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in exams !!

Percentage of faculties of all colleges of a state in different departments.
No of total faculties in all colleges is 9000.
Percentage of female faculties of different departments in all colleges.
No of female faculties is 5250.

  1. What is the approximate percentage of male faculties are in total of all colleges?
    A. 43%
    B. 39%
    C. 53%
    D. 42%
    E. 48%

  2. How many male faculties are there in the department English and Physics?
    A. 1530
    B. 1560
    C. 1515
    D. 1545
    E. 1520
    (21+25)% of 9000-(28+22)% of 5250=1515

  3. What is the total number of female faculties in Biology and math together?
    A. 1625
    B. 1575
    C. 1587
    D. 1825
    E. 1535
    (14+16)% of 5250=1575

  4. The total number of female faculties in Chemistry is what percent of total number of faculties?
    A. 11.67
    B. 11.45
    C. 12.32
    D. 10.09
    E. 11.93
    [(20% of 5250)/9000]x100=11.67%

  5. What is the ratio of number of female faculties and male faculties in the department of Biology?
    A. 40:37
    B. 47:41
    C. 39:31
    D. 31:33
    E. 49:47
    Female of Biology Department-14% of 5250=735
    Male of Biology Department-16% of 9000-735= 705

  6. In an examination the candidate was asked to attempt 50 questions where all the questions were mandatory.1 mark is given for each correct answer and 25% pf the correct answer’s mark is deducted if answer is incorrect. Roshni appeared the exam and scored 27.5 marks.How many incorrect answers she gave?
    A. 32
    B. 23
    C. 18
    D. 13
    E. None of these
    Let x be the no of correct answers so (50-x) will be the number of wrong ans.
    =>x=32..So no of incorrect answers=(50-32)=18

  7. The ratio of the earnings of Ashu and Anshu is 5:7.If the earning of Ashu increases by 30% and earnings of Anshu decreases by 25%,the new ratio of their earnings becomes 8:9.What is Anshu’s earnings?
    A. 3000
    B. 5000
    C. 9000
    D. Can’t be determined
    E. None of these

  8. What will come in place of x?
    A. 24
    B. 87
    C. 48
    D. 21
    E. None of these

  9. Rajeev took Physics,Chemistry and Maths as his compulsory subjects and Electronics as optional.He got 79% in electronics and 72% in Chemistry.He got overall 62% in all compulsory subjects.Maximum marks of optional subjects was 75 and compulsory subjects was 150.How many marks he scored in Maths if his marks in physics was 84?
    A. 83
    B. 76
    C. 78
    D. 87
    E. 67
    Maximum marks in all compulsory subject =150×3=450
    Total marks got in all compulsory subjects=(62/100)x450=279
    Marks obtained in chemistry =(72/100) x 150=108
    Marks in(physics+chemistry+maths)=279
    =>Marks in maths=87

  10. A bag contains 3Purple cubes,4 Black cubes and 5 red cubes.If two cubes are drawn at random,what is the probability that both of them are of same colour?
    A. 19/66
    B. 19/67
    C. 17/66
    D. 15/67
    E. 15/69