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PM Narendra Modi has Inaugurated Asia’s Biggest Bio-CNG Gobar-Dhan Plant 

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PM Modi inaugurates Asia's biggest Bio-CNG plant ‘Gobar-Dhan' in Indore

Prime Minister (PM) of India Shri Narendra Modi has inaugurated the Asia’s biggest Bio-Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Galvanising Organic Bio-Agro Resources Dhan (GOBAR-DHAN) plant at the cost of Rs 150 crore in Indore,MadhyaPradesh. The principle of Bio-CNG plant is to implement “waste to wealth”, and “circular economy” to maximise resource recovery.

i.The plant produces around 17,000 to 19000 kg of biogas and 100 tonnes of organic compost per day. 

ii.The plant has the capacity to treat 550 tonnes per day of segregated wet organic waste (of fruits, vegetables, raw meat, stale food, green leaves and flowers).The plant is based on the concept of “zero landfill models”.


Zero landfill model is nothing but “Zero waste” involving zero pollution to land, water and air due to efficient Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSWM), zero waste going to landfills and sustainability.


The recent initiative of the PM, the Swachh Bharat Mission Urban 2.0, aims to create “Garbage Free Cities” and ensure grey and black water (used water) management in all cities.

Benefits of Bio-Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Plant 

i.Reduction in greenhouse gas emission.

ii.Providing green energy along with organic compost as fertiliser.

iii.The technology will help purify the air quality of densely populated cities by mitigating 1,30,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)

The project is being implemented by Indore Clean Energy Pvt Ltd which was set up by Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) .The investment of Rs.150 crore was invested by Indo Enviro Integrated Solutions Ltd (IEISL) under PPP for this project.

Purpose of Bio-Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Plant 

i.The 50% of CNG produced by the plant will be purchased by IMC to run 400 city buses on CNG and the remaining will be sold in the open market.

ii.The organic compost will replace chemical fertilisers for agricultural and horticultural purposes.

About Indo Enviro Integrated Solutions Ltd (IEISL)

Directors – Kuldipkumar Dayaram Kaura , Rishi Rajesh Kumar Shukla and Parvez Keki
Headquarters – New Delhi, Delhi