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Pact ready for transit of vehicles in four SAARC nations

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To make seamless transit of passenger and cargo vehicles and making cross-border trade cost effective , India and other SAARC countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan are expected to sign a pact next month.

Nitin Gadkari, Road Transport, Railways and Shipping Minister would visit Bhutan on 15th June to sign Motor Vehicle Agreement with transport ministers from Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh.


  • The sources said that the pact called BBIN, Bangladesh, Bhutan , India and Nepal agreement would  manage cargo and passenger vehicle traffic  among these four of eight SAARC members.
  • There is also possibility for other SAARC nations like Afghanistan,Pakistan,Maldives and Srilanka to join this framework.
  • Costliness  and time consuming unloading and  loading of people and goods over the border would be reduced by this agreement thereby making cross-border trad more efficient.
  • This pact would also help in people contact and also in transforming transport corridors linking the four nations into economic corridor.
  • Senior officials of the four countries met in Raichek near Kolkata in the month of February to finalise the pact and draw plans for faster implementation.
  • Without the need of trans-shipment of goods and passenger at border crossings, the pact will allow passenger, cargo and personal vehicles to travel along the key routes in the four SAARC nations.
  • Sub-regional pact will be a parallel initiative to the already proposed SAARC transport agreement and the efforts in finding a early resolution would continue.
  • Mr Vijay Chhiber,Secretary,Road Transport and Highways chaired the meeting when the representatives of the four nations met.


  • SAARC stands for South Asian Association  For Regional Cooperation.
  • Established in the year
  • The countries include India,Srilanka,Bhutan,Nepal,Pakistan,Bangladesh,Maldives and Afghanistan.
  • Headquarters is in Kathmandu,Nepal.