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NICL AO – Reasoning (Day – 1)

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Dear Friends,

Try to solve the Below Reasoning Questions in less than 20 Minutes. The Answers will be uploaded soon.



1. Statements

Some Trains are Cars; All Cars are Branches; All Branches are Nets; Some Nets are Dresses


  1. Some Dresses are Cars
  2. Some Nets are Trains
  3. Some Branches are Trains
  4. Some Dresses are Trains


a) All Follows

b) 1 and 2 Follows

c) 2 and 3 Follows

d) 3 and 4 Follows

2. Statements

All Pens are Clocks; Some Clocks are Tyres; Some Tyres are Wheels; Some Wheels are Buses


  1. Some Buses are Tyres
  2. Some Wheels are Clocks
  3. Some Wheels are Pens
  4. Some Buses are Clocks


a) 1 Follows

b) 2 and 3 Follows

c) None Follows

d) 2 and 4 Follows

3. Statements

Some Pens are Needles; Some Threads are Needles; All Needles are Nails; All Nails are Hammers


  1. Some Pens are Hammers
  2. Some Threads are Nails
  3. Some Pens are Threads
  4. No Pen is Thread


a) 1 and 2 Follows

b) 2 and 3 Follows

c) Only 1 and 2 & Either 3 or 4 follows

d) None Follows

Sitting Arrangement

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H are sitting around a circle facing the center. D is not an immediate neighbour of C or H. F is third to the right of C and second to the left of H. E is to the immediate right of A, who is second to the right of G.

4. Who is Second to the left of C?

a) A   b) B  c) E d) D

5. Who is the immediate right of C?

a) A  b) B  c) D  d) B or D

6. Which of the following pairs of persons has first person sitting to the right of second person?

a) DB  b) AE  c) FG  d) HA

7. Who sits between G and D?

a) H  b) D  c) F  d) E

8. Which of the following is the correct position of B with respect to H?

a) Second to the Right    b) Immediate Right   c) Fourth to the right  d) Third to the Left

9. Pointing to a man, Nisha said, “He is the brother of my Uncle’s Daughter”. How is the man related to Nisha?

a) Cousin   b) Brother-in-law   c) Uncle   d) Niece

Seven Villages A, B, C, D, E, F, and G are situated as Follows.

  • E is 2 KM to the West of B
  • F is 2 KM to the North of A
  • C is 1 KM to the West of A
  • D is 2 KM to the South of G
  • G is 2 KM to the East of C
  • D is Exactly in the middle of B and E

10. Which two villages are farther from one another?

a) F and E    b) G and E    c) C and D    d) F and B

11. How far is E and F?

a) 5 Km    b) 3 Km    c) 2 Km   d) 4 Km

12. A is in the Middle of

a) E and C    b) E and D   c) G and C   d) G and B


P $ Q means P is not smaller than Q

P @ Q means P is neither smaller than nor equal to Q

P # Q means P is neither greater than nor equal to Q

P ∂ Q means P is neither greater than nor smaller than Q

P © Q means P is not greater than Q

13. Statements: N ∂ B, B $ W, W # H, H © M

Conclusions: (1) M @ W. (2) H @ N. (3) W ∂ N.


a) 1 and 2 Follows
b) 1 Follows
c) All Follows
d) 2 and 3 Follows

14. Statements – R © D, D $ J, J # M, M @ K

Conclusions – 1. K # J. 2. D @ M 3. R # M. 4. D @ K


a) 1 and Follows

b) 2 and 3 Follows

c) 3 and 4 Follows

d) None Follows

15. Statements: M $ K, K @ N, N © R, R # W

Conclusions: 1) W @ K 2) M $ R 3) K @ W 4) M @ N


a) Only 1 is True

b) Only 2 is True

c) Only 3 is True

d) Only 4 is True


1 – C; 2 – C; 3 – C; 4 – A; 5 – B;

6 – A; 7 – C; 8 – C; 9 – A; 10 – D;

11 – D; 12 – C; 13 – B; 14 – D; 15 – D.