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National Vaccination Day 2021 – March 16

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National Vaccination Day 2021The National Vaccination Day, also known as National Immunisation Day, is annually observed across India on 16th March to create awareness about the importance of vaccination. The government of India aims to raise awareness about the vaccination against poliovirus and other deadly viruses.

  • The National Vaccination day 2020 aims to eradicate both polio and the COVID-19.
  • The day was first observed on 16th March 1995, the day on which the Pulse Polio Immunisation Programme became operational.

Pulse Polio Immunization Programme:

i.Following the 1988 resolution of the World Health Assembly(WHA), the global initiative of eradication of polio was launched.

ii.In 1995 the Pulse Polio Immunization programme was launched in India.

iii.On 16th March 1995, the first dose of oral polio vaccine was administered in India.

Additional Facts:

i.On 24th February 2012, The World Health Organisation removed India from the list of countries with active endemic wild poliovirus transmission.

ii.The last polio case in India was reported on 13th January 2011.

What is Vaccination?

i.Vaccination is a process of protecting people against fatal diseases before they come into contact with them.

ii.The vaccines prepare the immune systems to create antibodies since the vaccines contain the dead or weakened forms of viruses or bacterias.

iii.The vaccines are made of 4 ingredients namely,

  • Antigen – the killed or weakened form of the virus or bacteria.
  • Adjuvants – which helps to boost the immune system.
  • Preservatives – which ensures that the vaccine stays effective.
  • Stabilisers – which protects the vaccine during storage and transportation.

COVID-19 Vaccination Drive in India:

i.On 16th January 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the COVID vaccination in India.

ii.The healthcare and frontline workers were the first set of people to receive the COVID-19 vaccination.

iii.The people over the age of 60 years as of 1st January 2022 will be the second group to receive the vaccination.

iv.The people between the age of 45 to 59 will be eligible for vaccination from 1st March 2021.