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Japan successfully launched a new Spy Satellite

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Japan successfully launched a back-up spy satellite with the help of its H-IIA carrier rocket from the Tanegashima Space Centre. Japan initiated the Information Gathering Satellite programme, after North Korea fired a mid-range ballistic missile over the Japanese mainland and into the western Pacific in 1998. The satellites are constructed by Mitsubishi Electric and launched by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. As of now, a total of four Japanese intelligence satellites are currently in orbit — two optical satellites and two radar satellites. The backup satellite will supplement the two radar satellites.

Knowledge is Wealth

  • Japan’s National Aerospace Agency is JAXA – Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. 
  • JAXA was established in 2003 and it’s Headquarters is Chofu, Tokyo
  • The corporate slogan of JAXA is Explore to Realize
  • Nozomi – Mars-orbiting aeronomy probe from Japan. The probe was unable to achieve Mars orbit due to electrical failures.