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International Vulture Awareness Day 2022 – September 3 

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International Vulture Awareness Day 2022

International Vulture Awareness Day(IVAD) is annually observed across the globe on the first Saturday of September. The day aims to create awareness about the importance of Vultures and to recognise the vital work carried out by conservationists to preserve the Vultures.

The International Vulture Awareness Day 2022(IVAD 2022) falls on 3rd September 2022. 

  • IVAD 2021 was observed on 4th September 2021. 
  • IVAD 2023 will be observed on 2nd September 2023. 

The IVAD initiative is jointly run by the Birds of Prey Programme of the Endangered Wildlife Trust in South Africa and the Hawk Conservancy Trust in England.


  • The International Vulture Awareness Day began in South Africa and the United Kingdom(UK) and later became a global event by the IUCN SSC (International Union for Conservation of Nature Species Survival Commission ) Vulture Specialist Group.
  • The first Saturday of September every year is International Vulture Awareness Day (IVAD). Started in 2006 by the Hawk Conservancy Trust and the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Birds of Prey Programme.

About Vultures:

i.Vultures are an ecologically vital group of birds that face a range of threats in many areas where they occur.

ii.They play a major role in signalling the presence of a carcass to other scavengers, thus preventing contamination by pathogens and helps keep nature free of disease.

iii.According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) red list, almost 75% of all Vultures are threatened with extinction.

Events in India:

i.Society for Wildlife Conservation, Education and Research (Wild-CER), India has organized a one day seminar on ‘Status of vulture conservation efforts in India’ on 4th September 2022.

ii.World Wide Fund for Nature-India(WWF-India) has launched “Bring Back the Vultures”, a poster on Vulture Species in India. The poster highlights the 9 species of Vultures found in India and features illustrations and conservation information on each species.

  • According to WWF India, among the 9 species of Vultures found in India, most of them are threatened.

The 9 species are,

  • White-rumped vultures(Critically endangered).
  • Indian long-billed vulture(Critically endangered).
  • Slender-billed vulture(Critically endangered).
  • Red-headed vulture(Critically endangered).
  • Egyptian vulture(Endangered)
  • Cinereous vulture(Near Threatened).
  • Bearded vulture(Near Threatened).
  • Himalayan Griffon(Near Threatened).
  • Eurasian Griffon(Least Concern).

Steps to Save Vultures:

  • Stop the use of drugs toxic to Vultures.
  • Prevent the poisoning of animals and carcasses.
  • Infrastructures, including electricity, should be sited sensitively.
  • Conserving their roosting and nesting sites.

iii.Himalayan Progressive School, Indian Biodiversity Conservation Society,Jatayu Nature club,Karnataka Vulture Conservation Trust,TAMIL NADU FOREST DEPARTMENT ,Wildlife Conservation Foundation,India and University of Lucknow were observed activities related to International Vulture Awareness Day.

About World Wide Fund for Nature India(WWF-India): 

President– Arvind Wable
Established in 1969
Headquarters– New Delhi, Delhi