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International Animation Day 2023- October 28

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International Animation Day 2023International Animation Day (IAD) is annually observed across the globe on 28 October to honour the birth of animation, recognised as the first public performance of projected moving images at Emile Reynaud’s Théâtre Optique in Paris (France), on the 28th of October 1892.

  • 28 October 2023 marks the observance of the 22nd International Animation Day.

IAD is annually coordinated and promoted by the Association Internationale du Film d’Animation (ASIFA) (International Animated Film Association).


i.In 2002, the Association Internationale du Film d’Animation (ASIFA) decided to observe the 28th of October every year as International Animation Day (IAD) to commemorate the birth of Animation.

  • The first public performance of projected moving images by Emile Reynaud’s Theatre Optique in Paris, on the 28th October 1892 was considered the Birth of Animation.

ii.The first IAD was observed on 28 October 2002.

Théâtre Optique:

i.The praxinoscope was an animation device invented in France in 1877 by a French inventor, Charles-Émile Reynaud.

ii.Théâtre Optique (Optical Theatre) was created by Charles-Émile Reynaud and is a theatrical projection version of Praxinoscope.

  • It was patented in 1888 and was adopted commercially in the Musée Grévin in Paris in 1892.

iii.The Théâtre Optique machine produced images on a screen using 36 mirrors, 2 magic lanterns or supplementary lights that were the source of a stationary background, and a projector.

First Show using Théâtre Optique:

i.On October 28, 1892, Charles-Émile Reynaud exhibited animations consisting of loops of about 500 frames, using his Théâtre Optique system at Musée Grévin in Paris, France.

ii.The show, billed as Pantomimes Lumineuses, included 3 cartoons, Pauvre Pierrot, Un bon bock, and Le Clown et ses chiens, each consisting of 500 to 600 individually painted images and lasting about 15 minutes.

2023 IAD Poster:

i.Since 2002, ASIFA has been celebrating the IAD with a unique Poster designed by many prestigious animators from countries all over the world helping to represent this international event.

ii.The 2023 IAD poster was designed and illustrated by the legendary Georges Schwizgebel of Switzerland.

ASIFA Prize:

i.Since 1985 ASIFA has been awarded a prize for outstanding achievements in the art of animation.

ii.The ASIFA Prize is awarded annually to an individual(s) or organisation(s) which have made a significant and innovative contribution towards the promotion and preservation of the art of animation.

About Association Internationale du Film d’Animation (ASIFA):
Working with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), ASIFA aimed to unite the animation world in peace by trying to find ways for animators.
President – Deanna Morse
Founded in– 1960
Headquarters– Annecy, France