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India’s Ranking in global happiness index is 117 out of 158

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People of Bangladesh and Pakistan are much happier when compared to their Indian counterparts as per the reports released by United Nations.India comes in 117th place out of 158 countries.The report was published by Sustainable Developments Solutions Network or SDSN which is a global initiative for United Nations.

The report said 2015 year is watershed for Humanity, with the pending adoption by UN member states of sustainable development goals in September to help and guide the world people to sustainable way of global development

  • The report takes GDP per capita,life expectancy, social support, freedom to make life choices,trust,generosity etc.
  • In 2013,India was in 111th position but it has gone down in 2015.
  • Pakistan ranks 81 and Bangladesh 109 in the list.
  • Switzerland, is ranked 1 in the list followed by Iceland , Denmark,Norway and Canada .
  • Happiness is regarded as the measure of social progress and goal of public policy.
  • USA is ranked 15th followed by UK at 21, Singapore ranks 24th with Saudi Arabia, Japan and China at 35,46 and 84 respectively.

Difference in social support,incomes and life expectancy are three main factors. The report from UN also focuses on the mental health and conditions of the world future as embodied in one-third of present global population who are below the age of 18.


  • United Nations is an intergovernmental organisation aiming to promote international co-operation.
  • UN was established in the 24th October 1945.
  • Its headquarters is in NewYork City.
  • Present Secretary General of United Nations is Mr Ban Ki-Moon.