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India’s ranking falls down to 91 on Readiness for Digitized Economy

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Steeping down into the bottom of the table, India ranked 91 among the rest of the countries in terms of their readiness for transition to a digitised economy and society.

Among the major emerging markets, Singapore ranks first and India ranks last. Other significant rankings are Finland at 2, Russia at 41, China at 59, South Africa 65, Brazil at 72 positions.



Country Rank
Singapore 1
Finland 2
Sweden 3
Norway 4
United States. 5
Netherlands 6
Switzerland 7
UK 8
Luxembourg 9
Japan 10

  • This readiness index has been released by the World Economic Forum (Headquarter – Geneva, Switzerland)
  • India’s position on the list has come down for the fourth year in a row, from 89th in 2015, 83rd in 2014 and 68th in 2013.
  • This digitized readiness index measures countries’ success in creating the conditions necessary for a transition to a digitized economy and society.
  • A report says, ”Only 15 out of 100 households have access to the internet, and mobile broadband remains a privilege of the few, with only 5.5 subscriptions for every 100 people”.
  • India launched the Digital India programme in 2015, which aims to close this gap by fostering investment in digital infrastructure, improving digital literacy and increasingly providing online services to citizens
  • It is also noted that India was at the 114th place for infrastructure, while it ranked 8 in terms of affordability.