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India ranks 75th in environmental impact survey says Report

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India has ranked 75th in environmental impact survey conducted by UK-based Money Super Market. The survey highlights the individual contribution to the world’s climate and also outlines areas for improvement for each country.

More information about Environmental Impact Survey:

The survey has been topped by Southern African country Mozambique as almost all its energy use comes from green sources.

  • India ranked dismal 75th, with renewable energy making up only 15.2% of all energy used; only 2.2% of waste water being recycled, and municipal waste of 0.34 kg per person being generated daily.
  • Countries were ranked on basis of different measurements that make up the average individual human impact in each country, including energy consumption, air pollution, India ranks 75th in environmental impact survey says Reportwaste production and reliance on non-renewable energy.
  • The survey helps in identifying the biggest contributors to negative environmental impact.
  • Although Mozambique has topped the survey, its neighbouring country South Africa has fared poorly ranking at 95th However South Africa has performed better than developed economies such as US, Canada and Australia.
  • With average CO2 emissions at 37.1 tonnes per person, Trinidad and Tobago is the worst country in terms of environmental impact.

African Countries and Environmental impact:

  • 4 out of the top 7 countries with lowest environmental impact are African countries – Ethiopia, Zambia, Ghana and Kenya.
  • Africa as a continent topped the charts and featured strongly in its use of green energy, low CO2 emissions and low levels of air pollution and waste production.