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India ranks 44 in 2016 Global Connectivity Index, Digital India seen as driver of growth

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India placed at the 44th position among 50 different countries in a Global Connectivity Index (GCI) report has been compiled Electronics major by Huawei.

  • The 50 countries assessed by GCI 2016 account for 90 percent of global GDP and 78 percent of the world’s population.
  • Huawei claims that the GCI also includes survey results from 3,000 firms across 10 verticals in 10 nations.
  • The Huawei Global Connectivity Index 2016 notes initiatives like Digital India are driving growth and improved broadband penetration.Global Connectivity Index
  • The report says such initiative will enable last-mile connectivity, connecting many people for the first time, and enables a whole new opportunity for the telecom operators.

GCI calculation Method:

  • GCI score for each country has been calculated on the basis of its ICT infrastructure includingbroadband, data centers, cloud services, big data and IoT.
  • The methodology for calculating GCI broadly includesfour different ‘vertical indicators’ as identified by Huawei which includes
    1. Supply,
    2. Demand,
    3. Experience and
    4. Potential includes a set of indicators that points out the future development of a digital economy

The Top 5 countries with top rated and last 5 countries in the survey that sprawls globally 50 countries

                        Top 5 Conutries                              


United States1
United Kingdom5

  Last 5 Countries