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India To Lead the world in Smartphone Adoption During 2016-2020: GSMA Report

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According to the GSM Association report released in Barcelona, India will lead the world in Smartphone adoption with a net addition of 350 million connections in 2016-20. The report was based on the estimates of the GSMA Intelligence Consumer Survey 2016 conducted across 56 countries on the mobile usage trend.

Highlights of the GSMA Report

As per the report, the developing world is set to add 1.6 billion smartphone connections between 2016 and 2020.

  • It also stated that the Smartphone adoption across developing markets will increase from an average of 47 percent in 2016 to 62 percent in 2020 which would be led by India, China and Indonesia.
  • In developing region, the Smartphone accounted for 51 percent of all mobile connections at the end of 2016 which was greater than that of basic and feature phone in all regions except sub-Saharan Africa.India To Lead the world in Smartphone Adoption During 2016-2020: GSMA Report
  • In case of the developed world, Smartphone penetration was 65 percent at the end of 2016.
  • Besides, the report also estimated that with the increased Smartphone adoption and a hold on Internet-based messaging in developing markets in coming years, operators in the region will face a similar or potentially greater threat to their voice and SMS revenues as those in the developed world.
  • The report also suggested to deal with the issue, operators in developing countries must look to offer Smartphone content that is both accessible and relevant to local consumers and revenue-generating.
  • According to the survey, the average frequency at which Smartphone owners in the developing world access digital services such as online shopping, government services or mobile banking is around half that of the developed world.
  • The GSMA report also stated that by focusing on the development of a Smartphone ecosystem combined with a data-centric pricing strategy, operators can stimulate mobile data usage and generate sustainable revenues from their early investments in mobile broadband infrastructure.

About GSM Association

The GSM Association (GSMA) is a trade body that represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide. Approximately 800 mobile operators are full GSMA members and 300 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem are associate members.

  • GSMA Intelligence is the definitive source of global mobile operator data, analysis and forecasts, and publisher of authoritative industry reports and research. The data covers every operator group, network and MVNO in every country worldwide.
  • It is the most accurate and complete set of industry metrics available, comprising tens of millions of individual data points, updated daily.
  • GSMA Intelligence is relied on by leading operators, vendors, regulators, financial institutions and third-party industry players, to support strategic decision-making and long-term investment planning.
  • The data is used as an industry reference point and is frequently cited by the media and by the industry itself.

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