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India Fourth Largest Carbon Emitter: WRI Analysis

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A global research organization, World Resources Institute (WRI) has come out with its latest analyses of the country-wise emissions of climate damaging greenhouse gases.

According to which India is the fourth largest emitter of Carbon but it is far behind the other three top big emitters in terms of per capita emission.

India’s greenhouse gas emission accounts for 6.96% of the world

Developing countries like China, Mexico and Brazil are way ahead of India in terms of their per capita contribution to the overall emissions.


According to the figures, the largest emitters contribute a majority of global emissions as the top 10 emitters contribute over 72 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions .On the other hand, the lowest 100 emitters contribute less than 3 per cent.

In terms of greenhouse gas emissions the top three are China (25.26%), US (14.4%) and European Union (10.16%) followed by India (6.96%).

While in terms of per capita emissions top three are US (19.86), Russia (16.22) and Japan (10.54) whereas these figures for India are 2.44 ton of emission per capita.

Energy sector is the major source of greenhouse gas emissions. It contributes more than 75 per cent of global emissions.