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Abbreviations are commonly asked in IBPS and other banking exams.We provided some important abbreviation related to Education.We hope, it may help you in Competitive exams!!

AICTE All India Council for Technical Education.
ALISE Association for Library and Information Science Education.
APA American Psychological Association.
B.A Bachelor of Arts.
B.A.E Bachelor of Arts in Education.
B.Ag Bachelor of Agriculture.
B.A.M Bachelor of Applied Mathematics.
B.Arch Bachelor of Architecture.
B.B.A Bachelor of Business Administration.
B.C.E Bachelor of Civil Engineering.
B.Ch.E Bachelor of Chemical Engineering.
BCI Bar Council of India.
B.C.L Bachelor of Canon Law.
B.D Bachelor of Divinity.
B.E Bachelor of Education or Bachelor of Engineering.
B.E.E Bachelor of Electrical Engineering.
B.F Bachelor of Forestry.
B.F.A Bachelor of Fine Arts.
B.J Bachelor of Journalism.
B.L.S Bachelor of Liberal Studies or Bachelor of Library Science.
B.Lit Bachelor of Literature.
B.Litt Bachelor of Letters.
B.M Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Music.
B.M.S Bachelor of Marine Science.
BMS Bachelor of Management Studies.
B.N Bachelor of Nursing.
B.Pharm Bachelor of Pharmacy.
B.R.E Bachelor of Religious Education.
B.S Bachelor of Science.
B.S.Ed Bachelor of Science in Education.
B.Tech Bachelor of Technology.
CBSE Central Board of Secondary Education.
CDC Curriculum Development Committee.
C.E Civil Engineer.
CEP Continuing Education Programme.
Ch.E Chemical Engineer.
CIET Central Institute of Educational Technology.
CLISc Certificate Course in Library and Information Science.
CLS Certificate in Library Science.
CSIR Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.
CV Curriculum Vitae.
D.A Doctor of Arts.
D.A.S Doctor of Applied Science.
D.B.A Doctor of Business Administration.
D.C Doctor of Chiropractic.
D.D Doctor of Divinity.
DEAF Depositors Education Awareness Fund.
D.D.S Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Dental Science.
D.Ed Doctor of Education.
DEC Distance Education Council.
DESIDOC Defense Scientific Information and Documentation Center.
D.LL Doctor of Laws.
DLSc Diploma in Library Science.
DLIS Department of Library and Information Science.
D.J Doctor of Laws.
D.J.S Doctor of Juristic Science.
D.L.H Doctor of Humane Letters.
D.L.S Doctor of Library Science.
D.M.D Doctor of Dental Medicine.
D.O Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine.
D.M.S Doctor of Medical Science.
D.P.A Doctor of Public Administration.
D.P.H Doctor of Public Health.
DRTC Documentation Research and Training Center.
D.R.E Doctor of Religious Education.
D.S.W Doctor of Social Welfare or Doctor of Social Work.
D.Sc Doctor of Science.
D.V.M Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.
Ed.D Doctor of Education.
Ed.S Education Specialist.
EDRS Education Document Retrieval Service.
E.E Electrical Engineer.
E.M Engineer of Mines.
E.Met Engineer of Metallurgy.
ERIC Educational Resources Information Center.
ETS Educational Testing Service.
FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.
GATE Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering.
GIAC Global Initiative for Academic Networks.
GMAT Graduate Management Admission Test.
GPA Grade Point Average.
GRE Graduate Record Examinations.
HSC Higher Secondary Certificate.
IASLIC Indian Association of Special Libraries and Information Centers.
IATLIS Indian Association of Teachers in Library and Information Science.
ICAC International Council of Adult Education.
ICSE Indian Certificate of Secondary Education.
ICSSR Indian Council of Social Science Research.
ICT Information and Communication Technology.
I.E Industrial Engineer or Industrial Engineering.
IES Institute of Educational Sciences.
IES Indian Engineering Services.
IFLA International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions.
IIT Indian Institute of Technology.
ILA Indian Library Association.
INSDOC Indian National Scientific Documentation Center.
IQ Intelligence Quotient.
ISC Indian School Certificate.
ISEET Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test.
LA Learning Assistance.
LAC Learning Assistance Center.
LASS Learning Assistance Support System.
LASSI Learning & Study Strategies Inventory.
LCLC Learning Center Leadership Certification.
LEP Limited English Proficient.
LMS Learning Management System.
LSC Learning Support Center.
LSCHE Learning Support Centers in Higher Education.
LCSH Library of Congress Subject Heading.
LIS  Library and Information Science.
LKG Lower Kinder Garten.
LLB Bachelor of Laws.
M.LL Master of Laws.
M.A Master of Arts.
M.Aero.E Master of Aeronautical Engineering.
MAT Management Aptitude Test.
M.B.A Master of Business Administration.
MBBS Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery.
M.C.E Master of Christian Education or Master of Civil Engineering.
MCI Medical Council of India.
M.C.S Master of Computer Science.
M.D Doctor of Medicine.
M.Div Master of Divinity.
M.E Master of Engineering.
M.Ed Master of Education.
M.Eng Master of Engineering.
M.F.A Master of Fine Arts.
M.H.A Master of Hospital Administration.
MLA Modern Library Association.
MLISc Master of Library and Information Science.
M.L.S Master of Library Science.
M.Litt Master of Letters.
M.M Master of Music.
M.M.E Master of Mechanical Engineering or Master of Music Education.
M.Mus Master of Music.
M.N Master of Nursing.
M.Phil Master of Philosophy.
M.R.E Master of Religious Education.
M.S Master of Science.
M.S.W Master of Social Work.
M.Th Master of Theology.
NAAC National Assessment and Accreditation Council.
NADE National Association for Developmental Education.
NCERT National Council of Educational Research and Training.
NASSDOC National Social Science Documentation Center.
NCLCA National College Learning Center Association.
NCTE National Council of Teachers of English.
NCTM National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
NISOD National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development.
NODA National Orientation Directors Association.
NCHER National Commission for Higher Education and Research.
NCTE National Council for Teachers Education.
NEET National Eligibility
NIIT National Institute of Information Technology.
NISCAIR National Institute for Science Communication and Information Resources.
NMAT Narsee Monjee Management Aptitude Test.
NRC National Reading Conference.
Nuc.E Nuclear Engineer.
O.D Doctor of Optometry.
Pharm.D Doctor of Pharmacy.
Ph.B Bachelor of Philosophy.
Ph.D Doctor of Philosophy.
PGDIT  Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology.
PGDLAN Post Graduate Diploma in Library Automation and Networking.
Ph.D Doctorate in Philosophy.
RIE Regional Institute of Education.
RRRLF Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation.
S.B Bachelor of Science.
Sc.D Doctor of Science.
S.J.D Doctor of Juridical Science or Doctor of the Science of Law.
S.Sc.D Doctor of Social Science.
SSLC Secondary School Leaving Certificate.
S.T.B Bachelor of Sacred Theology.
S.T.D Doctor of Sacred Theology.
S.T.M Master of Sacred Theology.
Th.B Bachelor of Theology.
Th.D Doctor of Theology.
Th.M Master of Theology.
TGT Trained Graduate Teacher.
TOEFL Test Of English as a Foreign Language.
UGC University Grants Commission.

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