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Days in April 2015

Dear Aspirant, We collect important day in april 2015 in pdf format & Download file given below !!!

April 2 2015
Remembered Day: World Autism Awareness Day
Purpose: To raise awareness of autism on all levels in the society and to make all the UN organizations, member states, NGOs and all private and public organizations participate in WAAD.
Theme: Employment: The Autism Advantage

April 4 2015
Remembered Day: International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action
Theme: “More than Mines”
Purpose: UN is working towards raising awareness about landmines and other threats and progressing towards their eradication.

April 6 2015
Remembered Day: 2nd International Day of Sport for Development and Peace
Purpose: To recognizes the power of sport in promoting peace and erasing cultural barriers worldwide.

April 7 2015
Remembered Day: International Day of Reflection on the Genocide in Rwanda
Purpose: UN made an awareness raising appeal to help avert acts of genocide in future. The International Day of Reflection on the Genocide in Rwanda has been commemorated every year since 2004 to avoid the mistakes of the past.

Remembered Day: World Health Day
Theme: Food safety – the global view
Purpose: To mark the anniversary of the founding of WHO in 1948 & focus on increasing the life expectancy by adding good health to the lives of people and promoting healthier living habits.

April 11 2015
Remembered Day: National Safe Motherhood Day 2015
Theme: ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’ – Citizens participation and engagement for improving women’s and children’s health.
Purpose: To create awareness on proper healthcare and maternity facilities to pregnant and lactating women.

April 12 2015
Remembered Day: International Day of Human Space Flight
Purpose: The day remembers the first human space flight on April 12, 1961.

April 14 2015
Remembered Day: Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar – 124th Birth Anniversary
Google came up with a doodle to mark the Birth Anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar. The doodle which featured a picture of Babasaheb.

April 17 2015
Remembered Day: World Hemophilia Day
Theme: Building a family of support
Purpose: Awareness about Hemophilia and other Bleeding disorders in stressed.

April 18 2015
Remembered Day: World Heritage Day
Purpose: Aim to create awareness among the people to conserve and protect the valuable assets and cultural heritage across the world.

April 21 2015
Remembered Day: Ninth National Civil Services Day
Purpose: The day is observed by all Civil Services to re-dedicate and re-commit themselves to the cause of the people.

April 22 2015
Remembered Day: International Mother Earth Day
Theme: ‘It’s our turn to lead’
Purpose: Day promotes a view of the Earth as the entity that sustains all living things found in nature

April 23 2015
Remembered Day: World Book and Copyright Day
World Book Capital 2015: Incheon, Republic of Korea
Purpose: Day was mainly chosen on basis that notable authors like Cervantes,Shakesphere, Garcilasco, who passed away on this day.

Remembered Day: English Language Day
Purpose: Aims to entertain and inform people about the history, culture and achievements associated with the language.

April 24 2015
Remembered Day: National Panchayati Day
Purpose: The day marks the passing of Constitution[73rd Amendment]Act 1992 , that came into force from 24th of April 1993.

April 25 2015
Remembered Day: World Malaria Day
Theme: invest in future and defeat malaria
Purpose: To recognise the global efforts to control malaria. It is an occasion to highlight the need for continued investment and sustained political commitment for malaria control and elimination.

April 26 2015
Remembered Day: World Intellectual Property Day (World IP Day)
Purpose: Aims to increase people’s awareness and understanding of intellectual property (IP).

April 28 2015
Remembered Day: World Day for Safety and Health at Work
Theme: “Join in building a culture of prevention on Occupational Safety and Health”
Purpose: Aims to promote rights at work, encourage decent employment opportunities, boost social protection, and strengthen dialogue in work-related issues.

April 29 2015
Remembered Day: Day of Remembrance for all Victims of Chemical Warfare
Purpose: Day gives chance for all the people to remember and show their gratitude to the victims of chemical warfare.

Remembered Day: World Dance Day
Purpose: Aim to attract the attention of the wider public to the art of dance.

April 30 2015
Remembered Day: International Jazz Day
Purpose: Day is to promote peace,dialogue among various cultures,diversity,eradicating discrimination,respect of human dignity, promotion gender equality and individual expression.

April 24 – 30 2015
Remembered Week: World Immunization Week [WHO]
April 14 – 20 2015
Remembered Week: Fire Prevention Week
April 14 – 20 2015
Remembered Week: Prevention of Blindness Week

Important Days in April 2015 PDF Download