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IBPS PO 2017 Practice Test – Reasoning Day 8

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Hello Aspirants.

Welcome to Online Reasoning Section with the explanation in Here we are creating Best question samples for IBPS PO 2017. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in bank exams !!!

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Q(1-5) Study the given data and answer the questions given below
Six students are living on Six floors with top most floor numbered as six and lower most floor numbered as one. Among them, three are males Samir, Sandeep & Sushant and three are females Sheela, Sowmya and Seeta. They also got different percentages in annual exam 100,95,90,85,80 and 75. Based on their percentages they are ranked from 1 to 6. One who got the highest percentage is ranked 1 rest of them follows the same order.
Sowmya is living on an odd number floor and she got 100%. Females live on the top floor. One who got the last rank lives on the bottom floor. No of persons living above Sandeep is less than no of persons living below him. Seeta’s rank and her floor number are same. Only one person is having the same rank and same floor number. More than one person lives between one who got rank 1 and Sheela. Sowmya lives above Seeta. Sheela got 90%. Samir percentage is more than 80.

  1. Who among the following is living on floor number five?
    A. Sandeep
    B. Samir
    C. Sowmya
    D. Seeta
    E. None
    Explanation-B. Samirpuzzle-table-day-8

  2. Who among the following got the last rank?
    A. Seeta
    B. Samir
    C. Sheela
    D. Samir
    E. Sushant
    Explanation- E. Sushant

  3. What is the rank of Seeta?
    A. 1 st
    B. 2 nd
    C. 3 rd
    D. 4 th
    E. 5 th
    Explanation- B. 2 nd

  4. Who is living on the top floor?
    A. Samir
    B. Seeta
    C. Sheela
    D. Sandeep
    E. None
    Explanation-C. Sheela

  5. What is the percentage secured by the student who is living on the floor no 4?
    A. 90
    B. 85
    C. 80
    D. 95
    E. 75
    Explanation-C. 80

Q(6-10) Answer the following based on Coding and Decoding
“Happy Birthday Ramesh” is coded as “ *(3<49) $(35>15) #(15<49 “
“Good Morning Ganesh” is coded as “ @(13>7) $(13<15) &(25>13) ”
“Hello Dear Rajesh” is coded as “ #(15<29) @(7<35) $(35>15) “
“Good Evening Mahesh” is coded as “ @(13>7) $(25>15) &((9<13) “

  1. What would be the code for “ Good Night Satish” ?
    A. #(27<39) $(37>15) @(13>7)
    B. #(27<39 $(37>15) @(13<7)
    C. #(27<39) $(37>15) $(13>7)
    D. #(27<39 $(37>15) @(13>7)
    E. None
    Explanation-D. #(27<39 $(37>15) @(13>7)
    Symbol is number of letters in word
    Brackets represent no of vowels in word
    Numbers are first letter + first letter -1
    And last letter + last letter -1
    > and < are just comparing here

  2. What will be the code for the word “Book” ?
    A. @(4<20)
    B. $(3<21)
    C. @(3<21)
    D. Cannot be determined
    E. None
    Explanation-C. @(3<21)

  3. Which of the following is definite code for the word ‘is’ ?
    A. @(17<13
    B. !(13<17
    C. #(17<13)
    D. Cannot be determined
    E. None
    Explanation-D. Cannot be determined

  4. Which of the following words represents the code “ &((35>13) ?
    A. Roaming
    B. Running
    C. Raising
    D. Riding
    E. Both Roaming & Raising
    Explanation-E. Both Roaming & Raising

  5. What is the code for the Word ‘Playing’?
    A. #((31>13
    B. &((31>13
    C. &(31>13)
    D. &(31<13)
    E. None
    Explanation-C. &(31>13)