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IBPS Clerk Prelim 2018 Exam Questions December 15 – All Shift

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IBPS Clerk Prelim Questions Asked in Exam 15 December 2018. This article covers the Questions asked in IBPS IBPS Clerk Prelim 2018

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IBPS Clerk 2018 Prelim – 15 December




  1. Father’s age was 4 times son’s age after 6 years ago. Sum of the present age of Son and father is 62. What was the age of father when the son was born?
  2. A and B purchase chairs. Total CP of the chairs is 15000. On selling A gets a profit of 25% and B gets a profit of 10%. Total profit earned after selling is 2400. What is the CP of A?
  3. Cost of fencing a circular field at Rs. 5/m is 230. Find the approximate radius of the field?
  4. The perimeter of equilateral triangle is 60cm. A rectangle has length same as a side of the triangle.  Breadth is 6 less than length. Area of the rectangle is

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