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IBPS Clerk Main: English Day 17

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Hello Aspirants, Welcome to Online English Section in We are starting IBPS Clerk course 2015 and we are creating sample questions in English, type of which will be asked in IBPS Clerk Main Exam!!!

Stratus – IBPS Clerk Course 2015


It makes good economic sense that the government has..(1) withdraw the LPG subsidy from taxpayers who earn above Rs 10 lakh a year. This follows a..(2)..effort to persuade well-off consumers to voluntarily surrender their cooking gas subsidy over the last few months. Deregulation of petrol and diesel prices, alongside falling global prices, has helped..(3)..the annual oil subsidy burden by almost two third to Rs 30,000 crore over the last four years. Now,..(4)..kerosene subsides remains the only major..(5)..on the oil front.
But government needs to accomplish a more substantial..(6)..of its wasteful spending, especially as it has already delayed the fiscal consolidation roadmap in the last budget, by shifting the fiscal deficit target..(7) a year. So the call for..(8)..cuts in food and fertiliser subsidies is growing, because only such a move will help offset the negative impact of declining..(9)..GDP growth on tax collections in the..(10)..year, as well as the burden of implementing the seventh pay commission report and National Food Security Act next year.

  1. A. certain
    B. afraid
    C. tired
    D. decided

  2. A. processed
    B. sustained
    C. opened
    D. welcomed

  3. A. big
    B. reduce
    C. decrease
    D. large

  4. A. tackling
    B. indicating
    C. neglecting
    D. forgetting
    A. 1 tackling

  5. A. combat
    B. problem
    C. challenge
    D. chances

  6. A. shrinking
    B. growing
    C. increasing
    D. hiding

  7. A. past
    B. later
    C. backward
    D. forward

  8. A. steep
    B. moderate
    C. gentle
    D. mild
    A. steep

  9. A. actual
    B. nominal
    C. real
    D. true
    B. nominal

  10. A. antiquated
    B. current
    C. previous
    D. uncommon
    B. current