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IBPS Clerk Dec 6 Exam Evening Shift Question & Answer 2014

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[dropcap type=”1″]D[/dropcap]ear Aspirants!! We have retrieved some of the Questions from candidates who have attended IBPS Clerk Exam Evening Shifts on December 06, 2014.


IBPS Clerk Dec 6 Exam Evening Shift Question & Answer 2014

The World Pneumonia Day is observed on? 12 November
Who is the current Information & Broadcasting Minister? Arun Jaitley
Next G20 Summit will be held in? – Turkey (2015) and China (2016)
Ajay jai ram related to which sport? Badminton
What is the Currency of Greece? Euro.
The full form of NBFC is? Non Banking Finance Companies
Who is Norman Gordan? South African Cricketer
National Unity Day is celebrated on whose birth anniversary? Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
What is the full form of NAV? – Net Asset Value
What is the full form of DOS? Disc operating system
What is the full form of WAN? – Wide Area Network
What is the full form of TDS? Tax deducted at source
In how many months Kisan Vikas Patra doubles the money? 100 months
Which is used to input the data? Keyboard
What is the capital of Cambodia? Phnom Penh
Pandit Jasraj jas been awarded with which award? Sumitra Charat Ram award
What is the full form of LTV?- Loan to value ratio
What is the full form of LSI? – Large scale integration
What is the full form of FEMA? Foreign exchange management act
Who has the authority to appoint Banking Ombudsman? RBI
What is the validity of Kisan credit card? 5 years
Hindukush mountain range is present between which countries? Afghanistan and Pakistan
What is the Second longest running reactor in the world?
Fifth unit at Rawatbhatta of the Rajasthan Atomic Power Station
The GOI defines Cheque under which act? – Negotiable Instruments act,1881
What is the Age limit for minors to operate saving account is? – 10 years
Who heads the Committee to Identify ‘Obsolete’ Laws? R. Ramanujam
The KYC norms are implemented under which Act? Banking Regulation Act, 1949
Monetary policy in India is regulated by? RBI
What is the full form of NPPA? National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority
What is the full form of IPO? – Initial Public Offering
What is “Hand in Hand”? It is a Military exercise between India and China
Who has been appointed as the Chairman of National Women Commission? Lalitha Kumarmangalm
What is CRISIL? – Credit Rating Agency
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Which company got banking licence? IDFC
Basel 3 norms will be implemented on? 31 march 2019
What is the Currency of Egypt? – Egyptian pound
According to census 2011, what is the adult literacy rate? – 74.04%
What is the Full form of VIRUS? – Vital Information Resources under Siege
Yaogan-23 remote sensing satellite was recently launched by? – China
European Union sanctioned against Russia over the issue on which nation? – Ukraine
Lenovo recently acquired Motorola Company from whom? – Google

[quote_box_center]Special Thanks To all IBPS candidates for providing most of the IBPS Clerk Exam Question Paper 06 Dec 2014[/quote_box_center]