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History: Muslim Empire

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First Muslim invader was Muhammad –bin-Kasim .When he attacked India Dahir was the King at that time.(712 AD).

Mahmud of Ghazni (997-1030):

• He was also known as “But-Shikan”(destroyer of the image) seventeen plundering expeditions between 1000 and 1027 into northIndia.
• He defeated Jaipalain “First battle of Warhind(1002 AD)” and Anandpala in “ Second battle of Warhind(1008 AD)”.

Muhammad Ghori (Shahabuddin Muhammad):

• In AD 1173 Shahabuddin Muhammad (AD 1173–1206) also called Muhammad of Ghor ascended the throne of Ghazni.
• He died in 1206 AD. Qutu I Din-Aibak took the crown from him and founded Delhi Sultanate.


Qutub I Din Aibak(1206-10):

Aibak was the first independent Muslim ruler of Northern

India, and the founder of Delhi Sultanate.

Due to his generosity he was knownas “Lakh Baksh”.

He laid the foundation of Qutub Minar in Delhi , after the name of famous sufisant Khwaja Qutbuddin


After the death of Aibak, his son Aram Shah become the king of Delhi sultanate. But Aram Shah was incapable ruler. The Turkish chiefs of Delhi invited the governor of Badayun (son-in-law of QutbuddinAibak) “Iltutmish” to come to Delhi


He introduced Silver tanka and copper jital.


He started Iqtadari system


Razia Sultan(1236-40):


Only women Muslim emperor.


She was succeeded by Nasiruddin Mahmud


One of the Turkish chiefs, Ulugh Khan, known in history by the name of Balban become new king in 1266.


He started the ceremony of sijada(prostration) and paibos(kissing of the monarch’sfeet) in the court.



1)JalaluddinKhalji (1290 – 96):

JalaluddinKhalji laid the foundation of the Khalji dynasty. He ascended the throne at the age of 70 years.


2)AlauddinKhalji :

AlauddinKhalji was Jalaluddin’s ambitious

nephew and son-in-law.

Built Mosque in Rameshwaramand  ContructedAllaiDarwaza on QutubMinar.

– Started  “Chehra and Daag” sytem and  Renamed Chittor as Khizrabad.

3) NasiruddinKhusru shah :

Ghazi Malik killed him




Ghazi maik or GhiyasuidnTuglaq:

The founder of the Tughlaq dynasty was

Ghazi Malik who ascended the throne as

GhiyasuddinTughlaq in AD 1320 and this

dynasty ruled till AD 1412

Muhammad Bin Tuglaq :

– First to start  “Rotation of crops ” in india and also  Introduced copper coins.

–  Known as “wisest fool ” in indian History.

 Firoz Shah Tuglaq:

Started  few new taxes:

1) Khara


3) Zakat

4) Kahams

Nasirudin Muhammad Tuglaq :

He was  the king when Temur attacked india

                                                         SAYYID DYNASTY
1)Khizr Shah                                          Temur after defeating Tuglaq dynasty  declared Khizr Shah as the protector of india
                                                          LODHI DYNASTY

Founder of Lodhi dynasty


Founded Agra and made his capital.

Banned export of slaves from India.

3) Ibrahim Lodhi:

Babur defeated him in First Battle of Panipat