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Golden Peacock National Quality Award 2015 for Delhi Airport

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Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) has won the prestigious Golden Peacock National Quality Award for the year 2015. Corporate-Excellence award for quality-consciousness for DIAL shows is Customer-commitment.

The Golden Peacock National Quality Award is a reflection of every customer’s contented smile as s/he enters/leaves the airport. Attaining quality-standards is only the beginning, sustaining them is the real challenge. DIAL believes in and implements T.Q.M and 5-S principles in all its functional-affairs, in principle and practice. The 4 Ts of quality-control have helped the authorities in implementing the system at every stage.

  1. Passenger-Information systems are well planned designed and positioned at appropriate locations. A Centralized-Data-Base system updates
    1. Flight-arrivals,  departures, changes in arrival/departure schedules etc
    2. Multi-lingual information systems in parallel
  2. Team-work. The joint-venture consisting of Airport-Authority-Of India, G.M.R-Group, Fraport and Malaysia-Air-ports Holdings Berhad is a practical-symbol of international-cooperation.
    1. It is backed by a Team of technical, administrative and other commercial and non-commercial based support teams.
    2. The Team of Security and Military-forces have woven a highly non-intrusive protection layer. If you are a passenger, your safety and security is guaranteed.
    3. Aged, sick and people with limited physical-mobility are given complete care and attention. Here too, Technology plays a great role. They are assisted in every aspect, right from the moment of their landing/arrival at the airport till they depart.
    4. Customer-care services are always on alert.
  3. Tools & machinery. Latest technology-based equipments make your experience at the airport highly comfortable, casual and cost-effective. Facilities for food & beverages, rest-rooms, transportation, luggage-carrying etc are highly international-class.
  4. Time-Consciousness. The entire system’s architectural-fabric is woven based on this simple, yet sensitive factor. Once you enter the system, you can literally feel its impacts in all the aspects.

Consistency in maintaining these standards is the hallmark of Delhi International Airport Limited. The increasing number of passengers and commodity-traffic here is a practical proof of its growing popularity.

About Golden Peacock National Quality Award

  • GPNA have been instituted in 1991 by Institute of Directors (IOD) a registered non-profit apex association of company directors.
  • Since its inception, it is globally regarded as a benchmark of corporate excellence.
  • The Award is bestowed annually to encourage total improvement in each sector of the business.