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GoI Announces 1st Ever National Creator’s Awards for New-age Influencers & Creators

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Government announces National Creator’s Awards for new-age influencersThe Government of India (GoI) through its citizen engagement platform MyGov announced the first-everNational Creators Award’ to recognise and celebrate the contributions of new-age influencers, and content creators and celebrate India’s digital creator economy.

  • The awards will recognise outstanding creativity and innovations across over 20 categories in diverse sectors such as education, social change, environmental sustainability, gaming, and more.

Note: The nominations for the National Creators Award are open till 21 February 2024 on the MyGov website.


The award aims to highlight the diverse voices and talents that shape India’s growth, influence its cultural narrative, contribute to positive social change, and promote innovation and creativity in the digital sphere.

Award Categories:

S.NoCategoryRecognition of the Creator
1Best Storyteller AwardCreators who promote India’s cultural ethos via creative storytelling
2The Disruptor of the YearCreator who challenged the status quo, driving significant change or innovation.
3Celebrity Creator of the YearHonours celebrities who use their platform for positive impact
4Green Champion AwardCreators advocating for environmental sustainability.
5Best Creator For Social ChangeCreator advocating for social causes, inclusivity, empowerment, and positive change.
6Most Impactful Agri CreatorCelebrates those educating and inspiring about advancements that benefit farming
7Cultural Ambassador of The YearPromoter of Indian culture via lifestyle content.
8International Creator AwardGlobal creators who augment India’s culture & soft power
9Best Travel Creator AwardCreators showcasing India’s rich tourism potential via travel content.
10Swachhta Ambassador AwardCreators dedicated to promoting cleanliness
11The New Indian Champion AwardRecognizes creators focused on nation-building activities & policy awareness
12Tech Creator AwardDemystifying technology for all
13Heritage Fashion Icon AwardCelebrating India’s sartorial heritage via promoting local brands
14Most Creative Creator (Male & Female)Creators blending entertainment and social impact
15Best Creator in Food CategoryCreator showcasing India’s culinary diversity.
16Best Creator in Education CategoryEnriching learners with informative content
17Best Creator in Gaming CategoryPromoting gaming through play, reviews, commentary
18Best Micro CreatorImpactful within small, niche communities
19Best Nano CreatorFostering deep audience connections
20Best Health and Fitness CreatorPromoting wellness and healthy living.

Eligibility Criteria:

Age Requirement: Participants must be 18 years or above at the time of nomination.

Nationality and Residency: 19 categories for Indian nationals, 1 for international digital creators.

Platforms: Content must be published on one or more of the digital platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, or Facebook.

Language: Submissions in English or any Indian language.

Nomination Process:

Self-Nomination: Self-nomination is allowed and the nomination must include platform links, impact description, and supporting reasons.

Nomination Limits: Self-nominate in a maximum of 3 categories; nominators can propose nominations in all 20 categories.

Evaluation and Selection Process:

Criteria: Evaluated based on creativity, impact, reach, innovation, sustainability, and alignment with award goals.

Jury Review: A panel of domain experts in government, academia, media, and civil society will review final nominations.

Selection: Winners are chosen based on the Jury’s evaluation and public votes.

Award Categories and Prizes:

i.Awards will be presented across 20 categories;

ii.A single winner will be selected for 19 categories; The International Creator Award will have 3 winners.