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GK Science: Commonly used Chemicals in Everyday Life

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Baking powderSodium BicarbonateNaHCO3
Baking sodaSodium BicarbonateNaHCO3Fire Extinguishers, Baking soda
Bleaching powderCaOCL2
Caustic sodaSodium HydroxideNaOH
Chalk (Marble)Calcium CarbonateCaCO3


ChloroformTri-Choloro MethaneCHCL3
Dry IceSolid carbon dioxideCO2
Green VitriolFerrous sulphateFeSO4. 7H2O
GypsumCaSO42H2OAdded to Cement to increase its setting time
Laughing gasNitrous oxideN2O
LimeCalcium oxideCaOBasic lining in furnaces
Lime StoneCalcium carconateCaCO3(CaCO3) >>CaO + CO2
Mohr’s SaltAmmonium Ferrous SulphateFeSO4(NH4) 2SO4. 6H2O
Plaster of Paris(CaSO4) 2H2OFractured bones. Fine proofing
Potash AlumPotassium Aluminium SulphateK2SO4AL2(SO4)3. 24H2O
Potash AshPotassium carbonateK2CO3
Quick LimeCalcium oxideCaO
Rock SaltSodium chlorideNaCL
SilicaSiO2Exists in sand, Flint, Quartz, Opal
Sodium Thiosulphate(hypo)S2O32-Used in photography
VinegarAcetic AcidCH3COOH
Washing sodaSodium CarbonateNa2CO3. 10 H2OSoftening hard water