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General Awareness Questions asked in LIC AAO – 05/03/2016 (Morning Shift)

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Dear Aspirants,
Some of the General Awareness and Computer questions asked in today’s LIC AAO Exam Morning Shif are listed below: If you have any more questions from the exam, then kindly share it in the comment section.

General Awareness Questions in LIC AAO March 5th 2016 – Morning Shift

General Awareness Questions

  1. India Malaria free by which year? 2030
  2. UDAY scheme for? power supply
  3. Related to Mahamaham mahotsav
  4. Austria’s currency is? Euro
  5. Copenhagen is the capital of? Denmark
  6. Where is Gorumara national park? West Bengal
  7. Women cricket world cup 2017 going to be organised in? England
  8. BCCI Polly umer player of the year? Virat Kohli
  9. Rajmani who died recently was? Malayalam Music director
  10. Year 2016 is the international year of? Pulses
  11. 12th south asian game venue is? Guwahati n Shillong, India
  12. 25th April observed as? World Malaria Day
  13. White tiger book’s author? Arvind Adiga
  14. Brics 2016 summit where? India
  15. Lamitye 2016 exercise btw which countries? India n Seychelles
  16. Brisbane tennis winner? Milos Ronaoc
  17. Bhel commisioned 270 MW plant in which state? Punjab
  18. Madhepura is loctaed in which state? Bihar
  19. Question related to PMFBY
  20. World population projection by 2030? 8.5 billion
  21. Foxcon going to set up plant in which state? Maharashtra
  22. Indian Railways partnered with France company to make 800 locomotive engine in state? Bihar
  23. Committee on film censorship was ? Shyam Benegel
  24. Japan helpdesk opened by sbi where? Delhi
  25. Led power plant in Maharashtra by? TCS
  26. Banaras university is founded by? Madan Mohan Malaviya
  27. Apple launched its new branch in which place? Hyderabad
  28. Nepal PM who died? Sushil Koirala
  29. Maximum amount ..after that pan is required ?
  30. Kalinganagar national Power plant ? Bhubaneswar


Computer Questions in LIC AAO March 5th 2016 – Morning Shift

  1. Which is not input device?
  2. Which is a output device?
  3. Which is not peripheral part?
  4. What is oracle?
  5. Every website has a unique? URL
  6. Highest unit of memory out of GB, KB MB TB? TB
  7. Where all in process, calculation of data part waits?
  8. Which does the logic operation? ALU
  9. What is power-point?
  10. Data are not erased completely from PC till this process?
  11. Mozilla firefox is?
  12. What is window explorer?
  13. GUI? Graphical User Interface
  14. ADSL? Assymetric Digital Subscriber Line
  15. VOIP? Voice Over IP
  16. Computer speed? Mega hertz
  17. Pointing device?
  18. Which of the following is not network- pan, ran, wan, lan, man? RAN
  19. One question -Motherboard is a peripheral device