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Forbes Asia’s 200 Best Under A Billion 2022 Ranking: India Ranks 4th With 24 Firms

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India Ranks 4th With 24 Firms in Forbes Asia Best Under A Billion

According to Forbes Asia’s 200 “Best Under A Billion” 2022 Ranking, 24 Indian companies made the list, a decrease from 26 in 2021. This placed India in fourth place among Asian countries, one spot ahead of China, which had 22 firms on the list.

  • Forbes Asia’s 2022 edition of the best 200 mid-sized companies in the Asia-Pacific region includes publicly listed companies with yearly revenue of less than one billion dollars.
  • The majority of publicly traded firms are located in Taiwan, with 30, followed by Japan with 29 and South Korea with 27.

Countries with Most Number of Companies On the List

RankCountryNo. of Companies
3South Korea27

Best Under A Billion List: Key Facts

i. The unranked list was compiled from a long list of over 20,000 publicly traded companies in the Asia-Pacific region with annual sales of more than USD 10 million but less than USD 1 billion.

  • The objective of the list is to identify companies that demonstrate sustainable long-term performance across a range of metrics.

ii.A composite score was built utilizing data collected in categories such as debt, sales, and earnings-per-share growth during the most recent fiscal one- and three-year periods, as well as the strongest one- and five-year average return on equity.

  • The most recent publicly accessible figures as of July 11, 2022, were used by Forbes to calculate full-year annual results.

iii.Companies with serious governance issues, questionable accounting, environmental concerns, management issues, or legal troubles were excluded, and so were state-controlled firms and subsidiaries of larger companies.

vi.State-controlled firms, subsidiaries of big enterprises, and companies with serious governance, accounting, management, or environmental issues were excluded.

  • The criteria made sure that the enterprises in the region were geographically diverse.

Major Highlights of Best Under A Billion List: 2022 Rankings

i. The Best Under A Billion list in 2022 emphasizes the transition to discretionary spending.

  • The 2021 list, which was prepared while the region was still mostly under the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, was dominated by healthcare and pharmaceutical-related enterprises.

ii.About 75 businesses from the 2021 list made a comeback in 2022, demonstrating their resiliency in a fast-changing environment.

  • Aspeed, a Taiwanese company that has been on the list for nine years straight, stands out in this aspect.

Prominent Companies on the List 

i. Indian clothing manufacturer Dollar Industriesis one of the businesses mentioned in the Forbes Asia report.

ii.Aarti Industries Limited (AIL), a leading Indian manufacturer of specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals, is another firm from India that entered the list.

iii. The Hour Glass, which sells premium watch brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet, is one of the seven Singapore companies on the list.

iv.UMS Holdings, which offers precision engineering and manufacturing solutions to assist the semiconductor sector, is another Singaporean company that made the list.

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