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Financial Contributers for Ebola Outbreak

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The outbreak of Ebola virus has led to 8,033 people being infected, while 3,879 killed according to WHO recent report. It also cited more than 560 new cases were recorded in just four days last week. This Ebola outbreak has turned into a global problem. Most airports being screened for Ebola virus symptoms and many airlines shutting down operations in west Africa, it is indeed a global issue.

Ebola virus crisis fund
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Many countries are pouring in funds for the Ebola outbreak. According to yesterday’s report France & Russia are yet to pledge funds to the UN for the Ebola crisis. The topmost financial contributor to the UN for the Ebola virus outbreak was USA with $113.8 million. The next to follow are European Union ($55.5 million), Canada ($31.9 million), the Netherlands ($21 million) and then India ($12.5 million).