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EIU’s Democracy Index 2021: India’s Ranked 46th; Norway Topped

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India ranked 46 on the 2021 Democracy Index

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) released its report titled ‘Democracy Index 2021’ across 165 independent countries and two territories (totally 167). India is ranked 46 on the global index with an overall score of 6.91.

  • Norway topped the Democracy Index 2021 with an overall score of 9.75 and Afghanistan is the least democratic country with an overall score of 0.32. 

About the Report:

i.The Democracy index was first released in 2006

ii.The report is based on five findings – electoral process and pluralism, functioning of the government, political participation, political culture, and civil liberties. 

  • Based on the indicators, Countries have been classified into four types of regime, full democracy – 21 countries ; Flawed democracy – 53 countries (India is under the ‘Flawed Democracy); Hybrid democracy – 34 countries;, Authoritarian regimes – 59 countries.

Note – More than 1/3rd of the world’s population lives under authoritarian rule while just 6.4% enjoy full democracy.

India’s Ranking:

India’s score showed a slight improvement due to the repeal of farm laws that was introduced in 2020 due to year-long protest by farmers.

electoral process and pluralism8.67
functioning of government7.50
political participation7.22
civil liberties6.18
political culture 5

Top 3 Countries: 

1Norway 9.75
2New Zealand9.37
3Finland 9.27

Bottom 3 Countries:

165North Korea1.08

Rankings of India’s Neighbours:

Authoritarian category – China (148), Myanmar (166), and Afghanistan (167)

Hybrid Regime – Bangladesh (75), Bhutan (81), Nepal (101), Pakistan (104)

Flawed Democracy – Sri Lanka (67) . 

International ranking:

i.North America was ranked at 1st position followed by Western Europe.Latin America & the Caribbean ranked 3rd, Asia and Australasia was ranked at fourth position.

ii.Taiwan continued to move upwards in ranking of the Democracy Index, rising to 8th place globally from 11th in 2020

iii.Indonesia recorded the 2nd biggest improvement globally (after Zambia) in its total index score, jumping to 52nd place from 64th in 2020.

About Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU):

Establishment – 1946
Headquarters – London, United Kingdom (UK)
Managing Director (MD) – Robin Bew