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Error Spotting for SBI PO Exam 2018

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With a month to go for the SBI PO Exam 2018, it’s time to put your preparation in the final gear. The SBI PO prelims will be held on 1, 7 and 8 July 2018. This is the time to strengthen your basics, revise and take multiple mocks, thereby bolstering your preparation. Remember, consistency is the key to success!

SBI-2018-Error-Spotting oliveboardIn this article, we bring to you a sample video lesson and some notes on one of the most important topics in the SBI PO exam – English Language section, i.e. error spotting. One can expect 5-10 error spotting questions in the exam. This article is brought to you by Oliveboard, an online exam preparation platform for banking, government and MBA exams.

Watch the following video, which is a part of our new, Video Crash Course, to:

  • solve error spotting questions with an expert
  • understand the underlying concepts
  • learnquestion-solving techniques like option elimination

Some Grammar Rules for Error Spotting Questions

  1. For a positive statement, the question tag used is negative and vice-versa. These types of sentences are usually used to say something and then ask for confirmation. For eg:
  • It’s very hot outside,is it?      (incorrect)
  • It’s very hot outside,isn’t it?  (correct)
  1. In a sentence, a subject must always be in agreement with the verb. They both must either be plural or singular. For eg:
  • Womenis riding horses.     (incorrect)
  • Womenare riding horses.  (correct)
  1. Collective nouns take a singular verb. Although collective nouns refer to multiple things,they take a singular verb (as they collectively represent only one entity). Note that there are a few exceptions to the rule (poultry, cattle etc.) For eg:
  • Theclass were summoned by the Principal.  (Incorrect)
  • Theclass is summoned by the Principal.       (Correct)
  1. When the subjects are linked with‘and’, they take a plural verb. When subjects are linked with‘or’, they take a singular verb. The rationale behind this is, when linking with ‘and’ both things are involved and thus the subject becomes plural and takes a plural verb. whereas when linking with ‘or’ only one thing is taken into consideration and thus the subject becomes singular and takes a singular noun. For eg:
  • The SBI POand the SBI Clerk are prestigious exams.
  • The cator the dog has gone missing.
  1. Sentences beginning with every, each or everyone take a singular verb. For eg:
  • Everyoneare allowed to take the free trial.  (incorrect)
  • Everyoneis allowed to take the free trial.     (correct)

Hope this helps. All the best!