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English Questions: Cloze Test Set 1

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‘Quit India’ came not from the lips but the aching heart of millions. In this open rebellion, the Indian    (1 )    reached its climax. The British were not only (2 )    by it, but also were obliged to quit unilaterally. The importance of Quit India can be (3 )    from Lord Linlithgow’s statement “ I am engaged here, in meeting by far the most (4 )     rebellion since that 1857, the gravity and extent ill which we have so far (5 )     from the world for reasons of military security”. Still more significant was Churchill’s gloomy disclosure to the King emperor that “the idea of (6 )    power had become an admitted (7 )    in the minds of British party leaders ”, although his public statements were diametrically opposite. The (8 )    created by Quit India made the British (9)    that they could no longer keep India in (10)    .

  1. (a) patriotism (b) freedom       (c) liberation      (d) revolution    (e) leadership
  1. (a) attacked (b) inspired         (c) enfeebled    (d) threatened (e) impressed
  1. (a) established (b) diffused        (c) gauged           (d) determined                 (e) invigorated
  1. (a) trivial (b) serious          (c) auspicious     (d) praiseworthy (e) magnificent
  1. (a) elicited (b) excluded      (c) abstained      (d) concealed    (e) prevented
  1. (a) transfer (b) seizure          (c) grabbing        (d) retainment (e) enhancement
  1. (a) fantasy (b) tactics            (c) occurence     (d) inevitability (e) disillusionment
  1. (a) anarchy (b) violence        (c) taboos            (d) exigencies    (e) vengeance
  1. (a) anxious (b) realise            (c) imagine          (d) pretend        (e) apprehend
  1. (a) exile (b) power            (c) bondage        (d) suspense      (e) abeyance



  1. (d)
  2. (c)
  3. (a)
  4. (e)
  5. (d)
  6. (a)
  7. (d)
  8. (d)
  9. (b)
  10. (c)

Tips for answers:

  • Unlike reading comprehension questions, for cloze test, there is no need to comprehend the passage. Complete the questions as quick as possible. That’s the aim.
  • There is no need of reading the passage before answering. Just answer the blanks as you read the passage.
  • Read the sentences containing the blanks carefully and understand the meaning to fill in the blanks correctly. No need of understanding the passage as a whole. Focus on the individual sentence completion.
  • Substitute each of the suggested words for each blank, check the suitability of each substituted word and finalize. Never finalize without trying every option unless you are 100% sure about the answer. Accuracy is the main challenge faced in this type of question.
  • Read English books and newspapers regularly to improve your vocabulary which helps you tremendously to solve this question.