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English Questions: Vocabulary set- 88

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Hello Aspirants.

Welcome to Online English Section with explanation Here we are providing some difficult words , which is important for IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB & SSC CGL EXAM and other !!!

1. Agog – उत्सुक

Meaning – filled with anticipation and excitement.

Usage – “I’m all agog”

Synonyms – eager, excited, impatient, in suspense, on tenterhooks, on the edge of one’s seat, on pins and needles, keen, anxious, longing; curious, expectant, enthralled, enthusiastic, avid, breathless, open-mouthed, waiting with bated breath; informalitching

2. Luscious – स्वादिष्ट

Meaning – extremely appealing in smell, taste, or appearance.

Usage – “a luscious and fragrant dessert wine”

Synonyms – delicious, succulent, lush, juicy, mouth-watering, sweet, tasty, flavourful, flavoursome, appetizing, delectable, palatable, toothsome, choice; informalscrumptious, scrummy, yummy, moreish; informalnummy.

3. Ex-temporary – बिना तैयारी का

Meaning – completed without any type of advance preparation

Usage – “an extemporary prayer”

Synonyms – extempore, impromptu, spontaneous, unscripted, ad lib, on-the-spot; improvised, improvisatory, unrehearsed, unplanned, unprepared, unarranged, unpremeditated; makeshift, thrown together, cobbled together; informaloff-the-cuff, spur-of-the-moment, off the top of one’s head.

4. Outlandish – विचित्र

Meaning – very unusual.

Usage – “three wise, outlandish kings”

Synonyms – weird, queer, offbeat, far out, freakish, grotesque, quirky, zany, eccentric, off-centre, idiosyncratic, unconventional, unorthodox, funny, bizarre, fantastic, unusual, extraordinary, strange, unfamiliar, unknown, unheard of, alien, foreign, peculiar, odd, curious; atypical, irregular, anomalous, deviant, abnormal, quaint, out of the way, ludicrous, preposterous; outré; informalway-out, wacky, freaky, kooky, screwy, kinky, oddball, cranky.

5. Mundane (Adjective)

Meaning – dull; ordinary; not interesting.

Usage – “his mundane, humdrum existence”

Synonyms – humdrum, dull, boring, tedious, monotonous, tiresome, wearisome, prosaic, unexciting, uninteresting, uneventful, unvarying, unvaried, unremarkable, repetitive, repetitious, routine, ordinary, everyday, day-to-day, quotidian, run-of-the-mill, commonplace, common, workaday, usual, pedestrian, customary, regular, normal.

6. Mawkish – कुत्सित

Meaning – sentimental in an exaggerated or false way

Usage – “a mawkish ode to parenthood”

Synonyms – sentimental, over-sentimental, overemotional, cloying, sickly, saccharine, sugary, syrupy, sickening, nauseating, maudlin, lachrymose, banal, trite; twee; informalmushy, slushy, sloppy, schmaltzy, weepy, cutesy, lovey-dovey, gooey, drippy, sloshy, soupy, treacly, cheesy, corny, icky, sick-making, toe-curling; informalsoppy; informalcornball, sappy, hokey, three-hanky.

7. Ad Hoc – अनौपचारिक

Meaning – created or done for a particular purpose as necessary.

Usage – “the discussions were on an ad hoc basis”

Synonyms – impromptu, extempore, extemporary, extemporaneous, expedient, emergency, improvised, rough and ready, makeshift, make-do, cobbled together, thrown together; jury-rigged.

8. Egregious – प्रबल

Meaning – outstandingly bad, shocking.

Usage – “egregious abuses of copyright”

9. Contraband – तस्करी

Meaning – goods that have been imported or exported illegally.

Usage – contraband brandy”

Synonyms – smuggled, black-market, bootleg, bootlegged, under the counter, illegal, illicit, unlawful; prohibited, banned, proscribed, forbidden, interdicted; informalhot.

10. Poignant – मार्मिक

Meaning – evoking a keen sense of sadness or regret.

Usage – “a poignant reminder of the passing of time”

Synonyms – touching, moving, sad, saddening, affecting, pitiful, piteous, pitiable, pathetic, sorrowful, mournful, tearful, wretched, miserable, bitter, painful, distressing, disturbing, heart-rending, heartbreaking, tear-jerking, plaintive, upsetting, tragic.