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English Questions: Vocabulary set- 53

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Hello Aspirants.

Welcome to Online English Section with explanation Here we are providing some difficult words , which is important for IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB & SSC CGL EXAM and other !!!

1. Revamp – सुधार

Meaning – give new and improved form, structure, or appearance to.

Usage – “an attempt to revamp the museum’s image”

Synonyms – renovate, redecorate, refurbish, recondition, rehabilitate, rebuild, reconstruct, overhaul, make over; modernize, update, bring up to date, renew; improve, upgrade; refit, re-equip, refurnish; brighten up, freshen up, spruce up; remodel, refashion, redesign, restyle, rejig, rework, redo, remould, reorganize.

2. Rendition – प्रतिपादन

Meaning – a performance or interpretation, especially of a dramatic role or piece of music.

Usage – “a wonderful rendition of ‘Nessun Dorma’”

Synonyms – performance, rendering, interpretation, presentation, execution, delivery; playing, singing, reading, recitation, recital.

3. Rabid – विक्षिप्त

Meaning – having or proceeding from an extreme or fanatical support of or belief in something.

Usage – “a rabid feminist”

Synonyms – extreme, fanatical, overzealous, over-enthusiastic, extremist, violent, maniacal, wild, passionate, fervent, diehard, uncompromising; intolerant, unreasonable, illiberal, bigoted, prejudiced, biased, partisan.

4. Rumpus – कलह

Meaning – a noisy disturbance; a row.

Usage – “he caused a rumpus with his flair for troublemaking”

Synonyms – disturbance, commotion, uproar, confusion, furore, brouhaha, hue and cry, ruckus, fuss, fracas, melee, tumult, riot, brawl, free-for-all, scuffle, struggle, altercation, quarrel; noise, racket, din, outcry; donnybrook.

5. Petrify – पत्थर बनाना

Meaning – make (someone) so frightened that they are unable to move.

Usage – “his icy controlled quietness petrified her”

Synonyms – terrified, terror-stricken, terror-struck, horrified, horror-stricken, horror-struck, scared/frightened out of one’s wits, scared witless, scared/frightened to death, aghast, appalled; paralysed, stunned, stupefied, transfixed, benumbed, frozen.

6. Pejorative – अपमानजनक

Meaning – expressing contempt or disapproval.

Usage – “permissiveness is used almost universally as a pejorative term”

Synonyms – disparaging, derogatory, denigratory, deprecatory, defamatory, slanderous, libellous, abusive, insulting, slighting, vituperative, disapproving, contemptuous; informalbitchy; rareinvective, contumelious.

7. Onslaught – हमला

Meaning – a fierce or destructive attack.

Usage – “a series of onslaughts on the citadel”

Synonyms – assault, attack, offensive, aggression, advance, charge, onrush, rush, storming, sortie, sally, raid, descent, incursion, invasion, foray, push, thrust, drive, blitz, bombardment, barrage, salvo, storm, volley, shower, torrent, broadside; archaiconset.

8. Naivete – भोलेपन

Meaning – lack of experience, wisdom, or judgement.

Usage – “his appalling naivety in going to the press”

Synonyms – innocence, lack of sophistication, lack of experience, ingenuousness, guilelessness, lack of guile, unworldliness, childlikeness, trustfulness, simplicity, naturalness; gullibility, credulousness, credulity, over-trustfulness, lack of suspicion, blind faith, immaturity, callowness, greenness, ignorance.

9. Recluse – वैरागी

Meaning – a person who lives a solitary life and tends to avoid other people.

Usage – “she has turned into a virtual recluse”

Synonyms – hermit, ascetic; monk, nun; marabout, santon; rareeremite, anchorite, anchoress, stylite, cenobite.

10. Upshot – परिणाम

Meaning – the final or eventual outcome or conclusion of a discussion, action, or series of events.

Usage – “the upshot of the meeting was that he was on the next plane to New York”

Synonyms – result, consequence, outcome, out-turn, sequel, effect, reaction, repercussion, reverberations, ramification, end, end result, conclusion, termination, culmination, denouement, corollary, concomitant, aftermath.